Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It Was A Special Day.......A Year Ago In Our House!

Today, marks a very very special day in our household! Any guesses out there? For those of you who I have already told the significance of this day, erase what I said in your mind if you want to play a game.   Ok, I will give you a few hints.  See if anyone can guess what the significance of this day is. If you do I will be very impressed.


1.)    The Super Bowl was played this past year on this date.
2.)    This day is also my fathers in law birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
3.)    It was a beautiful day where we live. Even though it was cold out, the sun was shining very bright.
4.)    Maria and I both could not sleep the night before February 5, 2012
5.)    We drove our car that day that had the windshield that was struck by a rock on our way to this place a few days before.
6.)    In the car, before we got out we listened to a song by One Republic.

So does anyone have an answer for these clues and hints?  If so leave me a comment.  I guess you have to close your eyes and scroll down before reading the answer.  

I basically provided everyone with very bogus clues and hints that will not lead you to the correct answer but maybe just maybe you picked up something from one of the clues.  

So here are MORE hints/clues.
1.)    The Super Bowl was between the………. New York Giants vs. New England Patriots.  I was watching this game in the comfort of my home rooting for Tom Brady and the Pats while Maria was relaxing. The New York Giants won the game.
2.)    My father in law had his birthday that day.  I am not going to disclose his age over the Internet.  I guess that wouldn’t be right for me to do.  But I know he had a great day!
3.)    We live in an area that experiences all four seasons.  February 5, 2012 is considered middle of winter.  I can recall it was slightly warmer than usual and the sun was shining.  During the winter, in our neck of the woods the sun is a rarity. So it was a very pleasant surprise in the middle of winter to see the sun and the temperature was warmer than usual.  Also, I do believe there was snow on the ground!
4.)    Maria and I both couldn’t sleep the night before February 5, 2012 because we were so full of emotions.  We were excited, nervous, scared, overjoyed, the list goes on and on. In fact, I can recall Maria telling me she felt sick to her stomach because of all the emotion she was feeling. 
5.)    Well a few days before February 5, 2012, we had a nice big rock strike our windshield on the drivers side. This must have been a sign of something that was coming in our future very soon.  More on this in a minute.
6.)    Maria and I were jamming out to One Republic and we made sure to listen to a certain song……….Good Life!! Because it truly is a good life that we have.

If you still are reading this and have no idea what the answer is I will no longer withhold the answer anymore.  Sorry, I wanted to drag this out as long as I could.  Looks like I have done just that. 

On February 5, 2012 our little miracle Alayna was implanted in Maria’s uterus.  It was a nerve wrecking day to say the least at least in the morning that is.  So for anyone who is not familiar with our IVF story here it is (IVF Miracle).  We arrived at the fertility clinic unsure if we were even going to have any embryos to implant because we were awaiting the results from RGI on the PGD of the embryos.  We were so blessed to find one of the doctors coming out of the clinic and we had to ask Dr. P "Do we have any embryos to implant?"  Dr. P said "Yes, you do in fact we found out last night that you had two good embryos to implant!" We were so excited and blessed beyond belief.  Maria and I both said why didn't they call us the night before.  Honestly, we would have actually slept 100 times better. 

As soon as we entered the clinic office we both had the biggest grin on our face.  We couldn't wait to get the scrubs on and proceed with the implantation of the embryos.  Dr. G met with us and he was so excited to put these little miracles into our life.  Once we had all of our scrubs on we proceeded to the surgical room and I was sitting right next to Maria holding her hand.  They then showed us on the big screen the two embryos and it was incredible to see this firsthand.  Only a select few individuals will ever see their baby like this.  So they loaded up the catheter with the two embryos and they inserted the catheter in Maria's uterus and pushed the two little miracles out of the catheter.  We were able to see all of this on the big screen tv. Talk about AMAZING!!!  This experience was something we will never ever forget.  We both were emotional that day.  I knew in my heart that this round of IVF was going to be successful.  I guess that little intuition was right.  This was one of the greatest days as husband and wife.  It is something we will cherish for the rest of our life.   Alayna you are truly a miracle baby!!!

This is the windshield that took a blow from a rock from the highway.  This occurred the day of the egg retrieval.  I think this windshield will never be replaced FOREVER. In fact once the car has seen its glory I think we may have to cut this piece of glass out to save FOREVER! It signifies ALAYNA!!

 This is the ultrasound to confirm that WE are pregnant!!!

Our little miracle Alayna 3.5 months old! Best smile ever! Mom and Dad Love You!


  1. As soon as I read the title I guessed it was about finding out you were officially pregnant/ your implantation day! Woohoo. Such an exciting journey. That picture of Alayna is just too cute.

    1. Way to guess correctly :) It was the greatest journey and most rewarding journey ever. WE are so blessed to have Alayna in our life!

  2. Such an uplifting and positive story! You have a beautiful bundle of joy :)

    1. Sabrina, thank you for stopping by! There is nothing like holding your child in your arms. Greatest feeling ever!