Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Maria's Liver Biopsy

Yesterday, Maria was a warrior like always.  She had her liver biopsy performed yesterday morning. The nurse came to get her and she went off to the procedure all by herself.  I read about liver biopsies and nothing about them seemed like a walk in the park. 

I sat in the waiting area and a nurse came to get me when the procedure was complete.  That was about 20 minutes.  Most of that time is spent preparing the patient.  Maria explained the procedure to me just like the doctor explained it to her.  I guess they start with numbing your stomach area then taking a foot long needle and numbing your actual liver.  That sounds awful.  They also give you an IV to help with identifying the liver via the ultrasound.  On the ultrasound, the doctor said her liver looked good. 

So once her stomach and liver where all numb they took the foot long needle and extracted a very microscopic piece of her liver.  This little piece was sent to the lab for further analysis.  They told us we should have the results maybe by Friday of this week but it could take up to a week. 

Maria was being observed for the next 3 hours.  She handled it very well.  In fact, I know she did a lot better than I would have.  So now we sit and wait for hopefully Friday to hear what the lab was able to find. Again, I am hoping Maria fits into the category where she just has slightly elevated liver enzymes.   Thanks again for keeping this family in your thoughts over these next few days.  I will give an update as soon as we hear from the doctor!

Monday, August 26, 2013

CF Clinic, Liver Enzymes, & The Week In Review

I have been missing from blogger lately. It seems I do this more often than I would like so I apologize to all those who read this blog.  It really means more than you would ever know that people care about my family and even me.  So again, I appreciate everyone who reads these posts and leaves comments. 

It has been a very stressful week for me and my family but I know we will get through this so here is a recap of all the excitement that has been going on.

Monday, was my CF appointment and it was also time for Maria to have her liver enzymes checked again.  If you are new to my blog Maria has had elevated liver enzymes ever since the birth of Alayna and we still really do not have an answer why they are elevated.  I knew going into my CF appointment I wasn’t feeling 100% like myself.  I was battling a cold for close to a week this past Monday.  I had a sore throat and was feeling congested.  My appointment as far as the exam went well.  The doctor told me that I sound uninteresting as usual in my lungs. That nothing was rattling around or anything like that.  This usually is the case where I have nothing loose or rattling in my lungs.  I told him how I was feeling lately and he wasn’t to concerned about me having a cold as he said colds can last up to 14 days.  This coming Monday will mark my 14th day and I am feeling better every day. 

Next, came my turn to battle the lovely pulmonary function test.  I was really anxious about the test because I knew going in I wasn’t going to see numbers I am use to.  But I kept that in the back of my mind because before I got this cold I was feeling great.  To review my numbers from my last visit my FEV1 was 72 and my FEVC was 96.  The higher the numbers are the better!  So I sat in the booth and put the nose clips on and blew my lungs out.  To my dismay, I knew as soon as I had the first test it wasn’t going to be a good PFT day.  I asked the RT what the score was.  He said, “FEV1 62 and an FEVC of 93”. He asked me, “Are you feeling sick?” Well yes I am.  I have a cold! Ugh I hated seeing that number though.  Even though I knew it was going to be down from last visit I didn’t expect to see that.  I blew two more times and they were all FEV1’s of 62.  To sum up how I felt this is how I would explain it.  It was like I was in a race trying to catch the runner who had a 10 second head start. The cold that I have was like holding me back 10 seconds at the start of the race. 

But here is the thing my FEV1 was significantly down.  I asked the RT when was I ever this low.  He said I blew a FEV1 55 three years ago.  I was kind of shocked by that as I don’t remember a number that low.  Over the last 2 years I have been between FEV1 68-74.  So I know for one thing that my FEV1 will bounce back up when I start to feel better.  If I look at my FEVC 93 it wasn’t that far off from my 96 last time.  That makes me feel better because my FEV 1 will come back up! I just have to think about it for the next 8 weeks.  I know people tell me to not dwell on it but I know I will.  But I will be back next time to conquer my PFT battle!

As for me taking any antibiotics we will wait to see if I can shake this cold on my own.  My doctor also wants to see what my culture shows.  So other than a low FEV1 it was a “normal” clinic appointment.  But the one thing that I loved about my appointment was Alayna and Maria were there.  This was the first time for Alayna to visit the CF clinic and she did really well.  My doctor loved her and paid more attention to her than to me. I am already use to this as this seems to be the new “normal” in our house. 

After my clinic appointment, we were off to get Maria’s blood drawn for her liver enzymes.  Well of course by the time my appointment was over it was lunch time.  All the lab techs and blood draw areas were either full of people waiting to get blood drawn or the lad was out to lunch.  By this time Alayna was getting super fussy.  So we decided to head to another branch of the hospital in another part of town. 

We arrived at the branch of the hospital where all magic happened to help create our miracle Alayna.  Since we had Alayna with us we took her to the IVF clinic.  They were thrilled to see all of us.  This was the second time the doctors and nurses were able to see Alayna.  All they could say was how perfect she looked.  Oh and Alayna loved all the attention.  Maria was finally able to get her blood drawn at the IVF clinic to check her liver enzymes.  The results were not going to be final until a few days. 

Finally, the nurse called on Thursday and told her that her liver enzymes are elevated.  OH NO!! It was crushing to the both of us : ( Her last blood test before this the liver enzymes were normal but on the higher side of normal.  This time they were even higher.  So why are they still elevated almost 10 months after giving birth to Alayna?  That is the question that we are all trying to figure out.  As some of you may know Maria has had an ultrasound, MRI, CT scan, and even genetic blood testing done on her liver.  In all these tests, they have yet to discover anything that would warrant elevated liver enzymes.  Now, its time to have a biopsy performed on her liver which was the last test they were talking about when we first started this process.  The biopsy will be able to show if there is any cirrhosis or “fatty liver” or anything else that could possibly be wrong.  The biopsy is scheduled for this coming Tuesday.   I am thankful that by the end of the week we should know the results of this biopsy.  I am hoping and praying that Maria fits into the category where some people just have unexplained elevated liver enzymes.  It does happen from what we are told.  So if you could keep this family in your thoughts and prayers that would be very much appreciated. 

We are now back in the boat of unknown. This boat we have been in before numerous times over the last two years and it’s not something fun at all.  But I know that we will land back on solid ground very soon. Maria is beyond a strong person and she has shown me that when you get knocked down you will get up and fight again and again.  I know she wants nothing more to be healthy for this family and it really shows every day.

There have been people who tell me that we are such a strong couple and a family.  I have to say that WE get stronger from these challenges that WE have faced TOGETHER over these last two years.  In the last 2 years of our life, I have found that WE as a FAMILY may bend but nothing will ever break this family no matter what.    

Tuesday, came along and it was lay off day at my company.  First off I was not selected during this process.  It still was a very sad day though.  I came in that morning looking to talk to my friend like I do every morning to find out she was clearing her desk as she was one of the selected individuals.  This was really awful to see my friend leaving this place like this.  It was a shock!! But if there is anything that can be positive through this was that I made a great friendship.  I ended up giving her all kinds of advice while she worked here and we really had some great chats.  Not only did we talk about various things I was able to let her into my tight knit CF life.  You will be missed my friend! But we still will be in contact as there is no denying that. 

Wednesday, I was talking to a CF friend of mine and was asking about her most recent clinic visit. Unfortunately, there were talks at the appointment that no CFer would like to hear and that was the possibility of transplant.  As awful as that sounds lets all be thankful that there is this option for us.  As I have said to many people lately I believe you met people for a certain reason.  Not only am I this person’s friend I am here to help provide anyone a positive boost when it comes to this community. 

Maybe one of the biggest reasons why I am this person’s friend is that I am going to give her an opportunity to reach out to my mom’s cousin who has CF who underwent a lung transplant a year ago.  If my CF friend chooses to go through with getting listed she will be attending the same clinic my mom’s cousin did when she got her transplant.  As I mentioned in a prior blog post my mom’s cousin is very outspoken and reaches out to people who are going to be going through a lung transplant.  I cannot wait to arrange a way for these two ladies to communicate.  In life, its all about helping others and I hope this helps my friend. 

Well to top off the week, on Saturday I had a visit to ER.  Yep, you read that right.  It was honestly my fault because I was being a moron and trying to open the garage door opener with a butter knife. My hand slipped from the knife and sliced my thumb open.  There was a good amount of blood even from a butter knife.  I sat down at the kitchen table and then before I knew it I heard Maria really upset on the phone.  I apparently passed out because John and blood do not mix very well.  I am so thankful that Maria was right by my side and I was luckily sitting down because who knows I could have fallen on the floor.  The paramedics arrived and didn’t leave until I had coloring in my face.  I guess I am pretty good at scaring people.  It wasn’t my first time passing out from blood!!

Maria took me to the ER and I ended up getting 3 stitches.  I have to have them in for over a week as the cut was pretty deep.  Yes a butter knife is dangerous.  I learned my lesson to never open anything up with a butter knife.  Oh, and the paramedics opened my garage door opener very easily.  Ugh what mess I made for me and my family. 

So that is a wrap. The family and I are done with this week.  I would like for you all to say a prayer or do whatever you do to keep Maria in your thoughts this week.  She is the woman who keeps this family together day in and day out.   Without this girl by my side every day I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!!

Alayna standing with one hand!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Alayna 10 Months

I cannot believe I am writing this today.  I feel like I just blogged about your 9 months yesterday.  Well it has been another month in the books for you Alayna.  August 17, was your 10 month birthday.  Houston we have a problem…………Our baby is growing up way way way way to fast.  I still cannot believe we are now entering into the double digit months!!! I know mommy and daddy both want to press the pause button but that will not happen. 

Ok, what has been going on in your life baby girl?  On August 3rd we finally moved into our new home to begin the next chapter in our life as a family.  I think you really love it here already Alayna.  Our neighbors already love you and you are now the center of attention here.  I truly think that this will be a great neighborhood to raise you in.  Everyone here is so friendly!!!

Just like last month you remain this little ball of energy.  You are a nonstop machine wanting to play with every toy.  But your attention span is about five seconds now so you want to play with one toy and then move on to the next one.  Daddy use to be able to read you a book but you will not sit still for more than the first page!

Most recently, you have begun pulling yourself up on everything and anything.  I mean even the walls. You will put your hands on the wall and pull yourself up to stand.   You will hold yourself up with only one hand as well.  It is adorable because you will turn to find us and show us how brave you are becoming. 

The other day you crawled over to one of the moving boxes and pulled yourself up.  You then decided you wanted to dive head first into the box! You were just fine but this goes to show everyone how active you really are.  I know when you start walking its going to be a nonstop show. 

I think you are about to start eating some food that mommy and daddy eat.  We have found that you love bread.  Even at the restaurant you knew that bread was on the table and started telling us you wanted to eat some too.  Then at the mall the other day we gave you a cinnamon and sugar pretzel and you thought it was the best thing.  You just licked the cinnamon and sugar off and had half of it surrounding your mouth that you continued to lick off your face for a while after. 

Well I cannot believe in the next two months we will be celebrating your 1 year birthday!!!! But before that we still have two more months to see how much more you change and develop.  I know in the next few weeks you will be walking and our life will be a nonstop chasing lifestyle.  You are getting more teeth as we speak so I know that means you will be able to eat more of what mommy and daddy eat.  As much as mommy and daddy do not want you to grow up, we cannot wait to see you develop over these next two months. 

WE LOVE YOU Alayna!!

In these pictures you can all tell how ready Alayna is to walk.  She also wouldn't sit still for more than three seconds.



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Are You An Organ Donor? Myths and Facts Covered Here!

As you know the wife celebrated her 29th birthday last week. In our state that means it is time to renew your driver’s license.  I guess it’s a way for them to make some money and you can get an updated photo of yourself if you didn’t like the prior license photo. I swear though my wife always has a FANTASTIC driver’s license photo. Ok enough of that…….

But there is something that I find very important when it comes to driver’s licenses.   Anyone have a guess????? It’s actually something I really didn’t know I would be this passionate about today. 
At least in our state, they ask you when you renew your driver’s license “Would you like to be an organ donor?”  I already know my wife is an organ donor and she has been since the day she was able to drive.  The lady at the BMV desk asked her if she would still like to be an organ donor and she said of course. 

So where am I going with all this……..Well today I asked my wife this question…. “I forgot to ask you if they asked you about being an organ donor during your driver’s license renewal?”  She told me, “of course I said yes.”  She then said “She thought of me while she was there.”  Apparently, there was this late teenage girl who was asked the very same question.  “Would you like to be an organ donor?”  The teenage girl said “NO!”  She was with her mom according to my wife and the mom looked at her daughter with a shocked expression.  I guess the lady behind the desk asked the teenage girl again “Are you sure you would not like to be an organ donor?”  The teenage girl said “NO!” again. 

My wife said to me, “I don’t know why someone wouldn’t want to be an organ donor?”  I couldn’t agree more myself but you have to see this tale from both sides.  I am pretty sure that people say NO to organ donation because they actually do not know the facts about organ donation.  They just use the myths they hear about organ donation as a reason to say NO to becoming an organ donor. I will get into more details about organ donation shortly, but I want to take a step back as I have been surrounded with news in my own life about organ donation lately. 

Recently, my mom told me that her cousin who has cystic fibrosis was given the second chance at life about a year ago.  She had a double lung transplant surgery and is doing very well as I type this. She has the same exact two CF genes I have which really puts things into perspective for me.  Yes, it truly is scary and hit home when I heard this but I know it is the reality of this disease.  I can tell you this though; if it wasn’t for the generosity of her donor and donor family she most likely wouldn’t be here today.  I was told she now is very outspoken and even talks with patients on what to expect during lung transplant recovery.  I guess you could say being an advocate and raising awareness is in the family blood!!

Then today, I was catching up on some blogs that I read and I was shocked to read that a cyster in our CF community was knocking on heavens door this past month.  She had a double lung transplant surgery 2 years ago and her body was rejecting her lungs this past month.  There wasn’t much the doctors could do and it was questionable if she was going to get listed again on the transplant list for various reasons.  I was reading how she was struggling for every breath and the lung rejection was really taking a toll on her body. The doctors informed her that she only would have a short time left unless there was a miracle.

Well I am happy to say that her miracle did happen this past weekend.  She got her third chance at life and it truly is a miracle.  Not only does this disease impact the diagnosed but it impacts the diagnosed family.  She has a husband, a mom, a dad, brothers, and friends.  In this blog you can see how this truly impacted her husband

Again, if it was not for the generous individuals who elected to be an organ donor and the generosity of the organ donor family none of this would ever be possible for both my mother’s cousin and this young cyster.  In the time of sadness and mourning, there can be one last gift you can give before you leave this planet and that is the gift of life.  When you leave this planet you do not need to bring your lungs, skin, eyes, heart, liver, pancreas, bone, cartridge, intestines, or kidneys.  There are individuals who are waiting for that second, third, or fourth chance at life and you can give them that by being an organ donor.  Who knows it may be even you on the transplant list or someone who is very close to your heart. 

To be honest, I think the main reason why people do not become organ donors is because they have heard the myths of becoming an organ donor.  Below, are some of the myths and facts when it comes to organ donation and reasons why WE ALL SHOULD BE ORGAN DONORS.  If you click on this link below you will see some of the myths out there.

Here are some of the myths but click the link to get all of them.

Myth: If emergency room doctors know you're an organ donor, they won't work as hard to save you.
Fact: If you are sick or injured and admitted to the hospital, the number one priority is to save your life. Organ donation can only be considered after brain death has been declared by a physician. Many states have adopted legislation allowing individuals to legally designate their wish to be a donor should brain death occur, although in many states Organ Procurement Organizations also require consent from the donor's family.

Myth: When you're waiting for a transplant, your financial or celebrity status is as important as your medical status.
Fact: When you are on the transplant waiting list for a donor organ, what really counts is the severity of your illness, time spent waiting, blood type, and other important medical information.

Myth: Having "organ donor" noted on your driver's license or carrying a donor card is all you have to do to become a donor.
Fact: In most states, hospitals can legally proceed with organ, eye or tissue donation, without consent from next of kin, if you have a driver's license with an "organ donor" designation are have signed up with an organ donor registry. However, it's important to talk to your family about your decision to donate LIFE so they are aware of your wishes and will feel comfortable honoring them.

Myth: Only hearts, livers, and kidneys can be transplanted.
Fact: Needed organs include the heart, kidneys, pancreas, lungs, liver and intestines. Tissue that can be donated include the eyes, skin, bone, heart valves and tendons.

Myth: Your history of medical illness means your organs or tissues are unfit for donation.
Fact: At the time of death, the appropriate medical professionals will review your medical and social histories to determine whether or not you can be a donor. With recent advances in transplantation, many more people than ever before can be donors. It's best to tell your family your wishes and sign up to be an organ and tissue donor on your driver's license or an official donor document.

Myth: If you agree to donate your organs, your family will be charged for the costs.
Fact: There is no cost to the donor's family or estate for organ and tissue donation. Funeral costs remain the responsibility of the family.

Myth: Organ donation disfigures the body and changes the way it looks in a casket.
Fact: Donated organs are removed surgically, in a routine operation similar to gallbladder or appendix removal. Donation does not change the appearance of the body for the funeral service.

Myth: Your religion prohibits organ donation.
Fact: All major organized religions approve of organ and tissue donation and consider it an act of charity.

Here is a list of religions and their stance on organ donation

Lastly, here are some of the facts and reasons why WE ALL SHOULD BE ORGAN DONORS.  This data can be found on

Someone is added to the organ donation list every 10 minutes.  In one day, that is an additional 144 people who are added to the list.  At any one time there are over 100,000 people waiting on the transplant list. This number is enough to fill a large football stadium!!   Each day, an average of 79 people receive organ transplants while an average of 18 people die each day waiting for transplants.  The main reason for the 18 deaths is because there is a shortage of organs.   In 2010, there were almost 2.5 million deaths in the U.S.  Just imagine if every one of those persons had donated! There would have been more memories that could have been made for the ones who lost their life on the transplant list. 

Currently, there are more than 100 million people in the U.S who are signed up to be a donor.  That is NOT even half of the U.S. population!!  We need this number to increase and we need to increase it soon before more loved ones are lost while waiting for a life saving transplant.  If you are an organ donor I thank you not only for the possibility that I might need a lung transplant one day but you are saving lives. In fact, you can save up to 8 lives by becoming an organ donor.  You never know if a loved one will end up on the transplant list so why not make the last heroic gift before you leave this plant the gift of LIFE.

Right now, there are more than enough people waiting for an organ to fill a large football stadium twice over.

Data from and OPTN/SRTR Annual Report.
** Data include deceased and living donors.


Referenced websites.





First time in the cart!!!

Happy Happy Happy!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Six Year Wedding Anniversary

What??????? Really???? It has been six years that we have been married? I honestly do not know where time has gone.  I still remember our big day……….As many people say your wedding day goes really quick and it sure did.  I remember when your dad walked you down the aisle and no one was more emotional than ME! I thought I was going to be able to keep it all together but I couldn’t help myself.  There is just something about marrying the woman of your dreams : )

Even after six years of marriage, I can say that we are definitely still enjoying being the couple we have been all the way back when we started dating.  For those of you who are new to my blog, Maria and I have been high school sweethearts.  We started dating back in Sophomore year.  So we are approaching being together for thirteen years!!!! That is almost half of our life we have been together. I guess that would mean we get along pretty well together. : )  I know it sounds like a really long time to be with someone that long but in all honesty every day, every week, every month, and every year go by so unbelievably fast.  

I can say that I married my best friend, my soul mate, my everything!!!  This quote reminds me of you Maria “It doesn’t matter where you go in life, what you do…….it’s who you have beside you.”  I truly could not imagine a day without you. You have always been in my corner and have given me so much strength in life that no one else could have.  You have provided so much inspiration and a reason to never give up on our dreams.  I could not ask for anything more in life than to have you by my side.   I am proud to call you my best friend, my soul mate, my wife, and the mother to our miracle daughter.  

So here is to another year and a new chapter of creating more memories.  I cannot wait to see where this next year takes us as husband and wife.  I know it will be another year we will never forget.  


 We look so young!! I am surprised they let us get married :)


FAMILY!!!! When two become one :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Birthday..........To The Wife!!!

Yesterday, August 6th was Maria’s birthday! I just wanted to take a moment to wish my beautiful better half HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

As you closed another year in the book of life, it was truly a great year to witness and be by your side for a year we will never forget.  This year I got to see firsthand how truly LUCKY I am to have a woman like this in my life. As many of you know, we had the birth of our miracle daughter, Alayna in October.  Through this birthing experience I witnessed the true strength and unselfishness of my wife. As some of you have read our birth experience was a nightmare but Maria was truly already in her mother instinct. During the labor she had an emergency c-section and lost a good amount of blood.  When she did awake from all the anesthetic she wasn’t feeling well and was telling people she didn’t know if she was going to make it.  I assume a lot of this was due to the loss of blood and the anesthetic.  But she told everyone in the recover room that all she wanted to do was say good bye to Alayna and me. I knew then what kind of a mother Maria would be to our daughter and any future child we have!!!

My life has been made easier because of youMaria.  I know I don’t say that enough to you but you truly have made things a lot easier for me by just being the person you are.  You have continually shown how much you truly care for me and our daughter.  Some of you may not know that Maria is a stay at home mom.  You cannot really understand how much work is required until you have your own child.  I honestly, can say that Maria works harder than I do in a single day at work.  Alayna is a non stop machine who hardly ever takes any naps now.  I can now say that if you are a stay at home mom or dad I can see how challenging it can be on an individual.  I know Maria would never admit that being a mother is a job because she loves it. I just want you to know that all your efforts have never gone unnoticed.  

I have mentioned this before but being in a relationship with someone who has a chronic illness takes a very special person.  I will never ever know how it feels to be in your “shoes” but I know you would go to the moon for me if you could. I cannot say enough how you motivate me to put my best foot forward every single day.  I will do whatever I can in my power to be here on this earth for you and our family!  I thank god everyday for giving me you in my life.



Thursday, August 1, 2013

Time For An Update!!

Where has the summer gone????? For one thing it really has not felt like much of a summer with temperatures below average for half the summer.  But honestly that is ok because we have been extremely busy these last few months.  That is why I have not been on blogger as often as I would like.

For those of you who may not know, we are moving! In fact, we have been looking to move for sometime. If it wasn’t for Alayna cutting teeth back in May we would not be moving into this house.  We were suppose to go on a mini vacation over Memorial Day but Alayna was beyond fussy and we decided it wasn’t worth staying in a hotel for a few days while she wasn’t feeling like herself. So we stayed home and our realtor called and said you have to see this house.  Well she was right it was our dream house.  We put in the bid and successful were chosen!! In the next few days, the big moving day will have arrived.  We are very excited to start a new chapter in our life with this new move.  

August is going to be another busy month not just because of the move but there are also some big dates on the calendar.  This coming Monday I will be heading up to the CF clinic to have my quarterly visit.  I am eagerly awaiting this appointment because I changed something in my airway treatment.  As many of you know, I love hypertonic saline.  I was currently only using HTS 7% in the morning to help move that mucus out and I found that it really helps me more than I could imagine.  I was told to use HTS during evening treatment but my evening treatment isn’t until bedtime.  I did try HTS a few times at night but would end up waking up at night coughing my head off.  So I decided it wasn’t worth doing at night.  But I noticed a few months ago my evening airway treatment wasn’t producing mucus results as in cleaning my lungs up.  I asked my doctor how about we try 3% HTS and he said why not try it.  I have been using the 3% HTS every night doing my airway treatment before bed and I notice my airway treatment is way more effective.  I am moving mucus out and my lungs feel open more so than usual before bed time.  So I am anxious to see if my lung function improves from the addition of 3% HTS.  Just one more note on this subject…………if you feel something isn’t productive or would like to try something new don’t be afraid to ask your doctor.  I am so glad I did because I notice a difference.

On August 6th, we will be celebrating the wife’s birthday! I always enjoy showing the woman I love more than ever how special she is to me in my life.  Honestly, I wouldn’t be half the man I am today without her in my life.   We have been together in our relationship ever since sophomore year in high school which to many may seem like forever. I can tell you it has gone by so incredibly fast.  I guess that means WE are having fun!!!

Then on August 11th, my wife and I will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary! What really 6 years already?  Where has the time gone…………We have created many new chapters in our life book together and some of them I still cannot believe we experienced.   There is no one on this planet I would rather have by my side day in and day out! We have gone through some things that many others would never understand but these challenges have brought us closer than ever before.  I am so thankful to have you in my life Maria.

When August 17th, rolls around it will be Alayna’s 10 month birthday. Only 2 more months till our miracle is 1 year old.  Time is going by so fast!!! Soon she will be walking and getting into everything.  If Alayna is anything like this current stage of crawling everywhere and requiring attention then we are going to have our hands full.  

Well that will put us in the middle of August and counting down the days of summer.  I will be blogging until sometime next week after my CF clinic appointment.  Until then I hope everyone gets to enjoy the rest of the summer!!!