Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ultrasound Pictures!!!

Yesterday felt like Christmas eve for Maria and I!!! We were so excited to see ALAYNA or ALAN on the ultrasound.  The last time we were able to see our little miracle was at our 20 week ultrasound which was way back in April!!  

I was super excited and I left my office 45 minutes early for the appointment. The doctor office is only a 15 minute drive but I wanted to make sure there was no accident on the highway. I actually arrived before Maria left our house.  So as you can tell I was EXCITED.  Maria arrived and we waited for over 45 minutes to have our ultrasound.  But the time went fast though which was weird. 

The first thing Maria asked the ultrasound technician was “Please make sure we are still having a girl!!”  She laughed and said “Whatever sex we told you back on your 20 week ultrasound should still be the same!!” It was confirmed she is most definitely a little girl.  So she is still Alayna and not Alan.  I guess that joke is finally over Maria.   

The technician that we had perform the ultrasound was very good.  She got many pictures of Alayna.  Our little girl was on her best behavior not moving very much at all which was great so they could get all of her measurements.  She was measuring right on schedule coming in at a whopping 6 pounds and 2 ounces.   Her legs were in the 70th percentile, stomach 30th percentile, and head 60th percentile.  The doctor informed us that she will be roughly 7.5 to 8 pounds when she is born and she will be in the 40th percentile overall.  He also said everything looks good and healthy and she has a lot of hair!!!  So looks like she will be an average sized baby.

During the ultrasound, the technician turned the ultrasound on 3D and it was amazing!!!   Alayna looked so precious and cozy in there.  She was sleeping peacefully with her hand near her face for comfort.  She did give us a smile and she even yawned and swallowed. As far as her facial features it appears that she has Maria’s nose.  The rest of Alayna’s face was hard to predict who she looks like.  But seeing her like this made us both more excited and we cannot wait to hold her in our arms soon!! 

 Sleepy Alayna with her hand near her face! So precious!!

 Look at my head mom and dad!!

Just chillin!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pregnancy: Final Trimester Week 36

Another week down as we get closer and closer to the big day. Here is the weekly update!  IT’S OFFICIAL LESS THAN A MONTH TO GO, 28 DAYS!!!!! 

How far along:  We are currently in week 36.  As of today, we have 28 days to go!  She is going to be here very soon.  Almost any day!  Maria hopes it will be sooner than later that Alayna makes her entrance in this world.   

How big:  Depending upon which baby app I reference…..She now weighs almost 6 lbs like the weight of a Crenshaw melon.  I guess we are still in the melon stage. Eventually, we will graduate to an actual baby very soon.   Alayna currently measures over 18.5 inches from head to toe. She is almost to my guess of 20 inches

We are a day away from our 36 week ultrasound and we cannot wait! Alayna will be in 3D as well during the ultrasound where we will be able to see her facial features.  I will be asking to make sure we are still having a girl and not an Alan!!  

Developments and Milestones:  Alayna is still packing on the pounds!!! She is gaining approximately an ounce a day.  Hmm that’s how I feel every day.  I have gained a few pounds since Maria has been pregnant.  

Alayna is shedding most of the downy hair that covered her body, as well as the vernix caseosa.  This is a waxy substance that protects the skin during its nine month bath in amniotic fluid. Alayna actually swallows these substances, along with other secretions, and they form a tar like black substance called meconium. The meconium is what Alayna will pass in her first bowel movements.  So this is what that first diaper is made of!!! No wonder why its an awful diaper.  Looks like daddy will be changing that diaper.

For the most part all of her crucial internal organs and systems have formed except for her digestion.  Alayna has relied on the umbilical cord for nutrition, meaning that the digestive system though developed hasn’t been operational.  Alayna will take the first year or two to bring the digestive system up to speed.  

At the end of this week, Alayna will be considered full term!!!! Babies born before 37 weeks are considered pre term while babies born after 42 weeks are post term.  

What Mom and Dad Notice:   Alayna continues to move and the movement is very low these days.  She has been kicking Maria’s bladder.  I wonder why you have to go to the bathroom more!  The Braxton Hicks have been continuing this week as well.  I have felt Alayna performing hiccups or what they call practice breathing.  It is really neat to feel this as I will never be able to feel what it is like to carry a baby.  Also, from these Braxton Hicks Maria’s belly has been rock hard.  Literally its like a rock!!!

As many of you can guess Maria cannot wait to deliver.  She is experiencing pain and sleepless nights. Heartburn is another trend and it is not triggered by spicy food.  Actually its almost anything Maria eats that will trigger heartburn.  For example she ate Doritos and had heartburn. 

We are very excited to see her in the upcoming ultrasound tomorrow!!! We will be making sure we are still having a girl. Lets keep our fingers crossed as the baby room is complete. I know I promised pictures of the room and I will post them this week so stay tuned.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Favorite Way To Get Mucus Out

As you have read by the title of this post its going to talk about MUCUS!!! So if you do not want to read about what us CF patients go through then close this post.  But it really will not be a gross post I promise.

My favorite way or the way that works the best for me to move mucus out of my lungs is obviously the VEST and my hypertonic saline.  But I would like you all to think of what is your favorite way to cough out that junk WITHOUT using the VEST or HTS.  I know a lot of you will say exercise which makes perfect sense to me.  You breath a lot harder and deeper which will induce cough and move that junk out. 

Without using the VEST or HTS for me it has to be laughing.  That's right laughing one of my favorite things to do.  If you are reading this and are not a CFer then you might not understand this.  Every time I go to clinic they ask do you have laugh cough?  I always answer yes.  When I laugh it puts a lot of pressure on my chest and lungs and moves that mucus around causing me to cough. 

So with that said I love to laugh and it helps me move that junk out. So a double bonus I get to laugh and make my mind feel good plus I get to cough junk out and make my lungs feel good.   Sometimes this can be very annoying especially in a movie theatre.  But I do it anyway, I don't care what people think except Maria will say I couldn't hear what they said.  I try to keep the coughing to a minimal if possible in a movie theatre but that doesn't always happen. But when I am at home I let it rip.

For anyone that may be wondering what shows or movies that produce the most mucus for me are the following.  I will start with my favorite shows on TV that make me laugh to no end.

Impractical Jokers - This is one of the greatest comedy shows on TV but is also probably one of the least watched.  My wife and I started watching this after my mother in law told us to watch an episode because she knew we would love it.  She was definitely correct.  This show is about 4 friends who have to break many social norms.  They will have to do or say whatever the other 3 friends tell them to do.  If they do not they get a strike.  At the end of the show the person with the most strikes has to perform some crazy skit that is to no end hilarious!  I know I didn't explain it that well but you need to really check this show out on truTV on Thursday nights. The new episodes come on at 10pm eastern time. 

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo - We just started watching this show recently with the recommendation from one of my good friends.  He told us that we would die laughing from this show.  Another person was correct on that.  I don't really know how to explain this show but it is so hilarious.  The first time we watched an episode we watched every rerun after that. So its about a family who is basically what you would call hillbilly and they do some stuff that just cracks me up to no end.  I am in no way making fun of anyone who is hilly bill but this show is just downright hilarious.  If you have seen this show one of my favorite episodes is when they play the "Breath Test Game"  I literally think Maria and I laughed for 5 minutes straight.  We still laugh when we think of this.  If you haven't seen this show you need to check it out on TLC on Wednesday nights at 10 pm eastern time.

Modern Family - We all know about this show if you have ever watched ABC.  If you have yet to hear about this show you are truly missing out.  Maria says I am Phil Dumphy so next time you watch this show think of me.  I am no mister fix it in this house that's for sure.  But this show has to be one of the most watched on TV right now.  It is full of laughs and makes me cough so if you are a CFer watch it.

I also love comedy movies.  My favorite one of all time is Hangover. My wife and I could watch that 100 times and never get bored!!!

So what is your favorite way to get that junk out besides the VEST??? I am looking forward to reading your responses!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pregnancy: Final Trimester Week 35

I have been super busy lately at work and at home so if you have been wondering where the update is that is my excuse. Another week down as we get closer and closer to the big day. Here is the weekly update!  I still cannot believe how close it is to the big day! Its almost under a month!

How far along:  We are currently in week 35.  As of today, we have 33 days to go!  She is going to be here very soon.  Almost any day!  

How big:  Depending upon which baby app I reference…..She now weighs 5.25 lbs like the weight of a honeydew.  Alayna currently measures over 18 inches from head to toe. I think she has almost reached her full length by now. My prediction is that she will be around 20 inches. 

So Maria came into my office yesterday and everyone said she is all belly.  I would concur with all of them.  She is all belly and still has tooth pick legs and arms.  When you hear it looks like someone swallowed a basketball Maria fits that definition.   

We are less than a week from our 36 week ultrasound and we cannot wait! Alayna will be in 3D as well during the ultrasound where we will be able to see her facial features.  

Developments and Milestones:  The trend continues from last week that Maria will be gaining about a pound a week and half of that goes right to Alayna.

Alayna’s kidneys are now fully developed and her liver can process some waste products.  Her basic physical development is complete as well.  I guess we will get to see that next week!!! Alayna’s main job over the next few weeks is to put on weight.  The added weight will make her skin appear less wrinkly.  I guess that means more Chipolte in our household.

Alayna is head down now!!! She is preparing for her exit in the coming weeks.  Ready or not here I come mom and dad. She is moving less but she does remain active still.  

Studies show that if Alayna was to be born at this stage she would probably do very well.  She would have little to no long term health issues.  But PLEASE Alayna stay in there longer and fatten up.  You will have plenty of time to meet everyone once you make your entrance in this world.  We are all patiently waiting for you!!

What Mom and Dad Notice:   As I said above her movement is not as dramatic or in other words not as much.  But she is still an active little girl in there.  I assume this is a sign of how she will be when she comes out. 

We are very excited to see her in the upcoming ultrasound next week!!! Maria and I have had many conversations as to what she will look like.  Who’s nose she will have, lips, ears, eyes, and hair.  I know we will not get the full impact of what she really looks like until the day she is born but this will tie us over until she arrives. 

So I have been tasked to find the best place to eat a rare prime rib once Alayna arrives.  Yes, Maria has been longing for rare meat since she isn’t allowed to eat anything rare while being pregnant.  Some other items Maria wants to eat when Alayna is here include an Arby’s roast beef sandwich and a ham and mustard sandwich.  I guess when you cannot have it you want it!!  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fertility & Hello to My Niece!!!

I would like to thank my wife for taking sometime out of her day to post about her own experience going through our pregnancy journey.  If you read her post you can see how stressful this process actually is especially for the soon to be mom.  For a female this process is so extremely stressful more so than for a male.  In my case, all I really had to do was go to a room take care of some business and I was out of the equation. I know TMI but the male in this process is not impacted much at all.  But for me it was stressful as well.  We both went through this process TOGETHER but it is different for a female.  The worrying will never stop for any woman going through IVF or family going through fertility hardships.  You are so invested emotionally and physically through this whole process and its easy to see how someone will worry to no end.  All I can say is Maria you are almost there!!! Through this process you have shown me that you are one of the strongest individuals I know.

This past weekend was pretty low key for us which was what we needed.  If there was any way to bank sleep I wish that we could because soon it will be different.  As far as what we did this weekend not much, but we did spend some quality time with our niece, Kendal.  She is so adorable which is an understatement!!! I could go on and on about her.  She is only 14 months but she seems older than that.  She acts so mature already for her age and it really is something to see.

I will give you an example of how smart this little girl is.  Maria’s sister and her husband live on the same street as us. (NO, we do not live in a hicktown, haha) On her walks she will walk to our house with her dad and she will walk right up our driveway.  When she goes home she knows where her house is as well.  She walks right up the driveway.  Mind you Kendal is only a little over 1 year old. 

She also knows everyone’s shoes.  At the front door there will be a bunch of shoes and she will pick up the correct pair and give them to each person they belong to!! Such a smart little girl already.  I can tell she is going to be one quick little learner.

I love to see her smile and laugh it is so incredibly cute.  Her Uncle John knows how to get her to smile and that is a powdered doughnut.  When she is sad or screaming her head off that is one thing that will make her frown turn upside down.  All I can say is she loves her powdered doughnuts!!

I will leave you with one last thing about our niece and I love this about her.  She is still in the babbling stage but she can say names and a few other words.  Her first two words were of course Mom and Dad.  Her third word anyone guessing yet was JOHN.  Thats right she knows who her favorite people are and I am so proud I was the third word she could say.  She is also able to say MeMe which is what Maria's nickname is. 

As you can see I LOVE this girl like she was my own daughter.  I cannot wait for our little Alayna to arrive and meet Kendal.  Since we live so close to Kendal, Alayna will have a best friend before she even knows it!!! 

Kendal you are STAR! 

Uncle John & Kendal at Build a Bear

Powdered Doughnut Time & Pointing at Uncle John

Maria and Kendal She knows where the baby is!!! 

Only a few months old Kendal with Aunt MeMe!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hello Everyone! It's John's Wife Maria!!!!

Hi everyone! This is John's wife! I am writing today to tell you how much I LOVE my husband everyday and even though he is sick, he has been taking care of me through my whole pregnancy.  He has been wanting me to get on his blog and write a post but being pregnant makes you very tired and cranky.  But I would like to tell you that it is so amazing to have a precious baby growing inside of you. Though it is amazing going through invitro, it is the hardest thing I have ever done.  From the time you have to do the shots, to wondering if you going to have enough eggs, to praying that your embryos survive to make it to day three to get a biopsy, and to the time you walk in the doctors on the day of transfer not knowing if any of your babies are healthy.  On this day, it is like finding out how many of your little babies have cf and how many don't.  This was very hard for me because I loved every single baby.  But the worries do not end there!  I had the long two week wait to see if the embryos took which means countless amounts of pregnancy test just to reassure my self that the line did not disappear as did my first invitro where I miscarried.  Then I had my first blood test that showed positive but that doesn't mean anything because the doctors want you to come back to see if the numbers increase to ensure a healthy pregnancy.  As we all know it showed positive both times but this still was not enough.  Now you have to wait to see the heart beat. This was one the scariest experiences, walking into the doctors not knowing if you baby has a heart beat.  Luckily she did which is one of the best memories ever!!  Let me tell you, this was so hard worrying if my baby would make it.  But for me it did not end here.  I still worry constantly about the stupid things in life such as eating the wrong things to the way I sleep at night.  Sounds crazy, I know!  But I never want to lose my baby or my husband so I worry and hold on to them as tight as I can.  I think part of being a cf wife is being a worry wort!  Being pregnant is not so bad it is just all the worries I have on top of worrying about my husband getting sick.  So far the worrying is far worse then puking the first trimester to round ligament pain and sleepless nights.  Though this has been hard, this is the best experience I have ever done.  Alayna will always have a piece of here daddy which i know will make her the strongest little girl alive.  This is just a brief experience but I would like to tell you it is worth it.   I would also like to thank my husband for being there for me because I know it is hard being around my crazy self.  I mean CRAZY!  I love you John and I know our daughter will have the best daddy in the world! As i am writing this Alayna is kicking like crazy! Thank you everyone for supporting my husband.  Your support helps my husband get through each day knowing he is not alone!! Sorry for the typos and grammar mistakes.  Love you John!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pregnancy: Final Trimester Week 34

Another week down as we get closer and closer to the big day. Here is the weekly update!  I still cannot believe how close it is to the big day!

How far along:  We are currently in week 34.  As of today, we have 41 days to go!  WOW really!!! We are approaching the 30 day mark.

How big:  Depending upon which baby app I reference…..She now weighs a little over 4.75 lbs like the weight of a cantaloupe and the size of a small pumpkin.  Alayna currently measures close to 18 inches from head to toe. I think she has almost reached her full length by now. My prediction is that she will be around 20 inches.  Maria tells me that Alayna is going to be one big baby!! I guess we will see here soon. We do have a 36 week ultrasound coming up which they will be able to tell us how big Alayna is and to discuss the birth plan.  I hope they still say you are having girl and not a boy because Alayna may be an Alan!!! I can see your smile as you read this Maria!  

Developments and Milestones:  The trend continues from last week that Maria will be gaining about a pound a week and half of that goes right to Alayna.

Alayna’s fingernails and toenails are growing!! Her fingernails now reach the end of her fingertips and may even curl over the tip. Looks like someone will need their fingernails trimmed very soon.

Alayna’s central nervous systems is maturing, and her lungs are continuing to mature as well. If she was born today or in the next 3 weeks with no health problems she would generally do just fine. Maybe a short stay in the neonatal nursery.  But Alayna if you are listening please stay in there until week 39!!

Fat layers which will help regulate Alayna’s body temperature after birth are filling out.  This will make Alayna look more rounder.  I guess we will see that in our 36 week ultrasound! 

What Mom and Dad Notice:   As with every week the theme continues, movement!!! This movement now is becoming less and less though.  So I am told.  Maria said she noticed her foot the other day.  I could not see this though.  But I have noticed the movements look really big! She will move from one side of her belly to the other.  It truly is amazing to see this.

Alayna does seem to be very active around midnight!!! Uh Oh please let that change once you make your entrance into this world.

I have been saying this for weeks now but Alayna’s bedroom is finally complete!!! We just finished it up over the weekend.  We are so glad that the room is finally finished and could not be more thrilled how it turned out.  I will post some pictures very soon. I promise.

I will leave you with this humor.  Yesterday Maria wanted to setup the playpen/ nursery thingy. Yes, not sure what you would call it because she will be sleeping on top of it in a basinet for the first couple weeks when she arrives home. The setup of this was literally nuts!! The directions were awful. I don’t know if anyone else experienced something like this assembling something but it was to the point you assembled one thing and in 2 steps later you would have to remove/take a part the item. And mind you this did not require any tools. Ugh, well anyway we got it fully assembled after close to a solid 2 hours of work. My mother in law helped out with this as well so it was a good family bonding experience.  A lot of laughs were had as well!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where were you on this day 11 years ago???

Can you remember where you were on this day 11 years ago?
I really do enjoy hearing everyone’s story as to where they were during this horrific day. Just to see that this day impacted so many people’s lives.

 As far as if I can remember this day 11 years ago, I know I can!  I will never forget this day as I assume most of you will never forget it either.  It was a beautiful crisp morning and my dad and I were off to the hospital. Yes, to the hospital for some medical testing for me.  I believe I was having an ultrasound performed to see why I was having stomach pain.  I think they were focusing in on my gal bladder looking for gal stones.  They never did find anything wrong through this test so it was just chalked up to random stomach pain.  In February 2010, I in fact did have my gal bladder removed and have never had stomach pain again. But that is another story.

As my dad and I were coming home from the hospital we had no idea what was occurring in New York and soon to be the Pentagon and a field in PA .  We entered the house to find my mom watching the TV in the kitchen as she usually did every morning before we would head off to school.  I can remember my mom’s face as she turned around to greet us and she had tears on her face.  I assumed there was a sad story playing on the news or something.  So both my dad and I went over to the TV to see what was causing my mom to cry and we could not believe what we saw.  The news kept replaying the video of the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center. They reported that it looked like a plane was purposely crashed into the building!!!! What really?? Who in the right mind would ever do this?!?!

I headed off to school that morning feeling stunned after what I witnessed on TV. I thought it was going to just be an ordinary day in my sophomore year in high school.  When I arrived in the classroom no one had a clue what was going on. I told everyone we need to turn on the TV to see the news.  As the teacher went to turn on the TV there was an announcement over the PA system informing everyone what was taking place. For the rest of that day everyone watched the TV in disbelief.

As far as if this impacted my immediately family the answer to that is no.  We did not have any relatives in NYC, Pentagon, or on any airplanes that day. Thank God! But this day did impact Maria’s family.  Her uncle well now my uncle was working in the Pentagon during this day. Talk about a very stressful time for her family!! The plane that hit the Pentagon actually hit the side of the building where his office was located.  Before the plane hit the Pentagon, he was called to a meeting. THANK GOD!!!! This meeting was his guardian angel in disguise no doubt about that.  

I would just like to express my condolences to anyone that lost a loved one in this horrific tragedy.  There are many sad stories when it comes to talking about this day but we will never forget what happened.  I will be sure to tell Alayna the importance of this day.  As for all the brave individuals (anyone who serves this country in the military,  police, fire, ems, etc)  who risk their lives everyday for our freedom you are truly heroes and THANK YOU!!!

So take a moment to tell your spouse, children, and family members that you love them and give them an extra hug or kiss or whatever it is that you do!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Raising Awareness and Donations for CF

If any of you participated in the CVS pharmacy’s Advancing Medical Research fundraising campaign which benefited ALS and Cystic Fibrosis I would like to say “THANK YOU!!!!” Not only to the individuals who donated but also to the families and the CVS pharmacy for making this happen.  In the 5 week campaign people donated over $5 million.  Each organization will receive roughly $2.5 million.  This truly is remarkable!!

Here is the web link:

When this campaign first started I heard some pretty awful stories about how cashiers were not allowing the customers the option to donate through the credit card swipe pad.  This really irritated me to no end.  So I had to see if this was true.  I found that one of my local CVS stores in fact were guilty of this and I had to call them out on it.  I bought some item and went to pay with my credit card and I saw the option on the pad to donate and before I knew it the option was gone!! I asked the cashier “what happened and she stated oh wait you wanted to donate?”  “Yes!!” I said.  She got all nervous and said “Oh I hit the wrong button.”  She then proceeded to tell me that a lot of people were donating etc etc. I think she was trying to cover it up. So over the next the weeks I went to various local CVS pharmacy’s to see if I found the same issue. But I did not, thank goodness. In fact some of the cashiers told me a bunch of people are donating.  I was wondering if CVS would publish somewhere how much was raised just for my own knowledge and I am glad that they did.  I am still shocked at how much was actually raised in this brief time.  THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

From all of this it got me thinking about what we/I can do in our local community to raise more money and awareness for diseases.  I have seen at my local grocery store something very similar to the CVS fundraising campaign.  They have had the option to donate a few bucks to a local children’s hospital, united way, and harvest for hunger on the credit card swipe pad.  I am planning on doing some research on who I can contact to see if I can do something like this for cystic fibrosis at the local grocery chain.  I think I may want to get my local CF foundation chapter involved in this because they may have more voice in this matter.  I will keep everyone informed if this really does come to fruition.  My thing is hey it doesn’t hurt to ask?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Late weekend update the good the bad and what path are you on!

I really wanted to do this post earlier in the week but things have been busy around here!
This past weekend was a pretty good weekend overall. I got to spend a nice long weekend with the wife and family just enjoying each others company.  For this upcoming weekend I have another 3 day weekend as I am taking the day off Friday, yippee!!!

My wife and I  accomplished a lot in Alayna’s bedroom as far as hanging various items on the walls.  Yes, we are not a very decorative household but we figured we should at least make the baby room look like a little girl’s room.  So far, we have accomplished hanging items on 3 of the 4 walls.  We still need to arrange how the next wall will look as far as where things will be hung.  It literally took us hours to get the 3 walls decorated that’s because we are perfectionists. Yes, that trait is good and bad at times.   Let me tell you this bedroom has felt like a never ending project but once we are all done with the room I promise I will post some pictures.

So like I said the weekend was pretty good.  But there was also some sad/bad news that we received over the weekend.  I know some of you may be holding your breath right now so I will let you know Alayna, Maria, and myself are doing just fine. 

Before I get into the sad/bad news I would first like to give my readers a little info on my family. I have 3 brothers and I am the oldest yippee for me! Yes, my parents never had a dull moment running to every practice, game etc. with 4 boys.  Out of the 4 of us, I was the one who was inflicted with the wonderful CF.  My 3 brothers were tested for CF and  are gene carriers of CF. Thank GOD they do not have to worry about this disease!   My parents are both carriers of the CF gene and were actually unknown carriers.  Looks like my family fits the textbook CF definition of the 1 in 4 chance of having a child with CF as both my parents are carriers of the disease.

But I am not the only one in the family that is battling with a chronic disease.  One of my brothers was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 6 years ago.  He developed mono back in his senior year and shortly after he recovered from mono he was later diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  Talk about some horrible news!  But like we all know life isn’t fair.  He seems to be doing pretty good though with managing his diabetes.  

At this time when my brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes my parents had many emotions running through them.  I know they felt terrible and were very sad. They have 4 kids and 2 of them have a chronic disease.  Let me state this to you mom and dad none of this is anyone’s fault!!! There are families who have it way worse off then we do and then there are families who have no illnesses to worry about.  But its just plain fact that the both of you have given us the best shot at life so do not ever feel like you could have done something differently!!!

So with 2 kids having a chronic illness my parents never stopped worrying about their other 2 children.  My parents nightmare came true again over the weekend!!!!  My one brother who has been healthy to this today was losing a bunch of weight (not on purpose) and peeing more frequently.  He told me these symptoms about 2 weeks ago and I made sure to tell him you better go to the doctor to get yourself checked out.  

This past weekend he was informing my mom of his symptoms and she decided to test his blood sugar at home with a glucose monitor.  He had his blood sugar reading and the monitor said something to the fact of HIGH. My mom panicked and my brother then tested his sugar a second time.  It was over 500!! WOW!  So they called the doctor and he informed them to get to the hospital right away.  Later that night he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  Talk about a real punch in the gut!  

Let me tell you a little bit about my brother. He has to be one of the smartest individuals I know. He has done extremely well in his undergrad course work majoring in biology/chemistry to become his ultimate goal a veterinarian.  He has graduated from his undergrad studies and is now pursuing veterinarian studies.  I know that he has big goals, dreams, and aspirations which will all be achievable.  This diagnosis will not be a setback for you at all brother!!  I can already see your determination and fight to reach your goals and I cannot wait to see you walk across that stage in the next four years.    

When you are diagnosed with a medical condition or there is a big change in your life you have two paths that you can choose from.  You can take ownership of the diagnosis and make it your number one priority to beat it or you can say well I am not going to worry about it until it really impacts my life.  I know you will take ownership of this diagnosis because that is the only way you will be able to live out your goals, dreams and aspirations.  I hope that I have set an example for you of how I live my life with CF and have taken ownership of this disease.  No matter what I am always here for you and I will be your biggest supporter when it comes to battling this disease!!!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pregnancy: Final Trimester Week 33

Another week down as we get closer and closer to the big day. Here is the weekly update!  I still cannot believe how close it is to the big day!

How far along:  We are currently in week 33.  As of today, we have 49 days to go!  WOW, we are under the 50 day mark.

How big:  Depending upon which baby app I reference…..She now weighs a little over 4 lbs like the weight of a pineapple.  Alayna currently measures a little more than 17 inches from head to toe. I think Maria agrees she is getting bigger by the week. That’s why your back hurts so much now honey!

Developments and Milestones:  The trend continues from last week that Maria will be gaining about a pound a week and half of that goes right to Alayna. For those of you who have been following the weekly updates, we ate Chipotle only once this week! Thank goodness!

The wrinkles on Alayna’s body are disappearing now and she is developing that baby soft skin. This was mentioned last week as well.

The level of the amniotic fluid in the uterus has reached its maximum this week, which makes it feel like there is more baby than fluid now.  Less fluid means Alayna’s movements are being felt stronger!!!  There is less liquid to cushion the blows. 

So with less liquid in the uterus, the uterine walls are becoming thinner.  The light is able to penetrate the womb helping Alayna differentiate between day and night!  I hope you will recognize the difference once you are born.  I pray that she is a good sleeper at night!

Another important milestone occurs this week. Alayna’s immune system has developed  to provide protection from mild infections. Well since you will be born in October you will get to put that immune system to work the first day you come out.  

What Mom and Dad Notice:   The theme continues from last week noticing bone structure! I am still able to feel the big pokes and movements. The movements are also visible by just looking at Maria’s belly! Still not sure if these movements are from a leg or an arm.  This though by far is the best part of pregnancy to really feel and witness this little miracle!!!

I would like to take this time to just let people out there know that I truly think woman who carry babies for 10 months are amazing. I never really understood about all the physical changes and emotional changes that occur throughout pregnancy. There is no way this world would exist if men had to bear children!!!   

Now on an individual basis Maria you have been a pretty “AWESOME” pregnant woman. You really do not express any pain or any emotional changes which has been a gift to me.  I know this summer has been one of the hottest summers on record and you have taken the heat like a champ!

I have said this before in prior posts but our pregnancy journey has been unlike no other!! I am truly grateful to have you in my life! You are a wonderful wife,  you will be an awesome mother to Alayna, and the one of the most important things for me is that you are the inspiration in my life!!!