Sunday, February 17, 2013

Alayna 4 Months Old Today!

It is so hard to believe that you are 4 months old today Alayna.  I still can remember that day on October 17 you met your mom and me for the first time.  That day was the best day of our life.  Just the other night, we were looking at your pictures and we are still shocked how far we have come to have you in our life.  You made all of our dreams come true and then some. 

Before I get into all the advances you have made in this past month, I am going to provide you with a story or more of a scare that you provided your mommy and daddy.  One day, I came home from work and was changing your diaper and I noticed these little bruises/marks on your left leg.  They were on you calf and lower thigh.  Your mommy and me both thought it was very odd to see these because you do not walk or crawl yet so we knew you weren’t bumping into something.  We kept debating what it could be on your leg and finally at 11 pm I called Dr. Steve.  Dr. Steve and I talked on the phone and I told him what the bruises looked like and he said to keep an eye on them.  He had a name for the bruises and called them petechiae.  It is basically unknown little bruises.   So since we had this name of the bruising mommy decided to Google it.  Google will provide you with every story out there good or bad.  But it seemed like every story we read had concern for unknown bruising on an infants one leg.  There were stories about blood disorders and even leukemia.  Basically, Google created a big social worry for me and your mommy. 

We even took you to the local Children’s Hospital at midnight.  Let me tell you Alayna, there was one of the biggest epidemics of influenza and RSV going around at this time.  We took you to the hospital anyway and we asked the nurse how many influenza cases and RSV cases were here and they said tons.  Mommy informed the nurse that daddy has CF and she suggested that we leave because the bruising wasn’t an immediate emergency.  We left the hospital and the following day you went to see Dr. Steve.  He again wasn’t concerned about the bruising and then mommy setup an appointment with the dermatologist.  The dermatologist looked at your leg and thought it wasn’t a concern either and was not an indication of a blood disorder.  So we continued to watch your left leg and the bruising was gone in a few days. 

A week went by and again daddy came home from work and changed your diaper and noticed bruising on your left leg.  We called Dr. Steve but he was out of town so mommy took you into his fill in doctor for the day.  He said it looked like nothing to worry about.  But as persistent as mommy was she setup another appointment with the dermatologist.  Mommy took you to the appointment and the dermatologist ordered blood work to give mommy and me a piece of mind.  The blood test came back and confirmed that your blood work was normal and no concern for a blood disorder or leukemia.  That was a big sigh of relief.  In fact, the bruising went away within a few days and has not returned.  We hope that it doesn’t come back either.  So one day when you read this Alayna, you will see that your mommy and daddy would do anything for you. 

We did some unofficial measuring of you today Alayna and you weigh about 16 pounds and are now over 25 inches long.  You are continuing to grow like the green giant.  I honestly have no idea where you are getting all this length from but it looks like you will be taller than mommy.  As far as your weight you feel like one solid baby.  I am so shocked that your mommy can provide you with all the nutrients you need to grow.  I think it is amazing that the human body can do this. 

You continue to advance and learn new skills Alayna.  You grip onto things like no other.  In fact, you just learned to hold on to a rattle.  You also love to put everything in that little mouth of yours.  I think that means some teeth will be coming in soon! Just the other day I was reading you a book and you decided to grab the book with both hands like you were going to read me the book.  Sometimes when daddy changes your diaper you decide to grab on to my face.  You will grab my chin, my nose, my ear, and even my short hair that I have.  You think it is funny to do this to me.  I love it so I let you pull me a part!

We have finally put you on your tummy this month Alayna! So far you seem to hate this a little less than usual but you still are not a big fan at all.  In fact your mommy has discovered your favorite toy.  It lights up and plays music and you love it.  You will follow it with your eyes and even move your head all around.  Mommy moves the toy from side to side so you move your body from side to side. This is pretty neat to see.  You are getting stronger and stronger little one.  

You have also discovered that you have a thumb this month.  Honestly, you would prefer sucking your thumb over a pacifier any day now.  It is so adorable to see you sucking away on your little thumb.  But lets hope once you are older you grow out of that habit.  A pacifier we can easily get rid of but not so much your little thumb. 
Alayna, I think we are going to be in trouble with you once you start to go to school.  Here is the reason why.  YOU LOVE TO TALK!! I think that is a big understatement of how much you love to talk.  You will babble on and on with both me and mommy.  It seems like you are having a conversation with us.  I do not think you understand anything we are asking you, but you seem to just carry on with whatever we are talking about with you.  It is so adorable to see you do this because you get a big smile on your face and you start running.  Yes, running I call it running because you will move your legs and arms like you are running.  I guess you are starting young to exercise!

Alayna, you are also becoming more observant. You understand that you have two dogs now. You will look at JJ and Mia and follow them in a room.  I know they understand that you exist as well because they like to lick your hands. This drives mommy crazy! I know you also recognize who your mommy and daddy are.  When I come home from work you love to look at me and follow me with your head around the room.  I will start talking to you and ask how your day was and you will smile and babble away as if you understand my questions!! This is one of my favorite parts of my day coming home to you and mommy!

Alayna you do something that reminds me of me your daddy.  You love to sleep! In fact, you love to sleep anywhere and you have no problem if its in our bed, your crib, your chair, your carseat, the stroller, or in the car.  But I think you and I both have a favorite spot to sleep and that is by your mommy (Maria she is to me).  As far as your sleep habits you love to stay up late and sleep in.  This sounds like your daddy.  If we wake you up before 10 am forget it you will be little miss oscar the grouch.  You will scream and cry your heart out.  But then you start to suck your thumb and you fall back to sleep. 

Well I cannot believe it has been 4 months that you have been with us. A third of a year you have been in our life.  You continue to make us happier than words could ever express.  When I tell people at work about you or anywhere I go I just say how AMAZING it truly is to experience your own child developing in front of your eyes.  I can still remember that day holding you for the first time and that is something I will never ever forget! 


Happy 4 Month Birthday To Alayna! 

Alayna little smirk! 

My what big feet you have Alayna! 

Thumb Sucker!

Alayna hiding away sucking her thumb.

Tummy time raising her head up! 

Alayna & Daddy Sleeping! 


  1. Beautiful letter to your daughter! She is getting so big and changing so much. I'm so happy to hear the bruising doesn't seem to have been anything major as well!

    1. Thanks Megan! Alayna is getting bigger and bigger. She is growing up way to FAST. All that bruising is officially gone :)