Our Little Miracle.......Alayna!!!

On October 17th, 2012 our miracle was born! Alayna Marie took her first breath at 5:45 p.m. and has since taken everyone's breath away by her beauty. She measured 20 inches long and 6 pounds 9 ounces. Alayna is one beauty queen already. One of the very first things a nurse said to me was "Your daughter is a baby model!" She is long legged and has a gorgeous face. Alayna's hair color is beautiful dark brown like the color of her Mom's. Alayna's eyes are gorgeuos and resemble her Dad's eyes. She has blue eyes but that is subject to change. Alayna's nose is like her Mom's it's so adorable. I rub my face on her nose already! Now, Alayna's lips are her Dad's. That is what I have been told and she makes facial expressions just like me when she sleeps according to Mommy. To sum it up, Alayna has a great mix of BOTH her Mommy and Daddy!

You know you always hear people say what its like to become a parent and they tell you they really cannot explain it in words. At that moment you cannot explain what its like to hold a piece of you of in your arms that was created by two people. For me, when I held Alayna for the first time I just could not believe it. I cannot really express through words of how emotional I was seeing her for the first time It was the most surreal moment in my life holding her little body and seeing her look at me and even smile at me. To be honest I cried tears of happiness for a good solid hour. I cannot imagine life ever without Alayna!

As you can tell I am madly in love with our daughter Alayna! She is truly our miracle baby and I will never ever forget that. I believe God has a plan for everyone and I am so glad that his plan included giving us the blessing of being parents to Alayna.

I will be posting hopefully this week about Alayna's birth story. There are many details that I would like to share about the delivery and hopefully you as my readers would like to hear it.

So who do you think Alayna looks like????


  1. She is so sweet. You are so right, there are no words to describe the love you feel when you become a parent. For me- although we had just met, it felt like both my children had been in my life forever, almost like I cannot remember them not being part of me. So weird. I am a very emotional person, so I can be silly- but I truly cannot imagine my world without my Caleb or Adalyn, just like you feel about your Alayna. A love only a parent could understand.

    1. Christina, I feel the same way about Alayna I could never imagine life without her! She is one of the greatest things in my life minus Maria of course :) The experience that we went through has changed me as a person and made me realize a lot about life and taking nothing ever for granted!!!

      I have seen photos of your Caleb and Adalyn and they are so adorable. God is truly great to us!!!

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