Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here Is A Look At What Is To Come On My Blog

I thought I would take an opportunity and let everyone know where I am planning to go with future blog topics. So to all my readers/followers, family, friends, cysters, fibros, and whoever else who stumbles upon this blog here is a look ahead of what will be some of the many topics I plan to cover in the coming months. I think everyone will find at least one of these topics worthy of stopping back for a visit to my blog.  I really do not have any order to how these posts will flow, but I just wanted to share this with you.  Also, I have no idea when I will get around to all of them because life with this little Alayna is so amazing.  She obviously gets my undivided attention once I have her in my sights.   

So here are my future blog topics!!!

  • I owe a blog post for someone on blogger and I have really been slacking on this…….SORRY Inhaling Hope, I promise I will get it done!!
  • CF funnies……..this is going to be HILARIOUS!! A lot of you cysters and fibros will be able to connect to this post.  If anyone knows me, I love to laugh!
  • I have to introduce someone who is very special to me as a friend! This person has blown me away on a lot of stuff (CF related) and everyone needs to hear how awesome he is!
  • CF clinic update that is coming in February.   It will be over 3 months since I have been to clinic so I am kind of nervous. I usually head up to my clinic every 8 weeks.  But I am feeling great right now. I will talk about my mental issues with the ever so lovely pulmonary function test………
  • My plan for Great Strides this year.  My walk event is coming in May!!! I have big plans this year to get something big done in my local area.  We will see how successful I am. Wait its not will see…….its I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!!!
  • Some CF social media sites that I love to read and reply to.  Its our job as elder cysters and fibros to provide knowledge to the youngsters with this disease.  There are a lot of cysters and fibros that really need guidance and to be shown that this disease is manageable and livable.
  • Staying on that same topic I want to help families who are newly diagnosed and introduced to what I call our cult! Its scary for them especially if they have never even heard these two letters………..CF
  • I really want to hold what I call a “CF Education Day” at my clinic or not even at my clinic but to just show newly diagnosed and current cysters and fibros that this disease is difficult but you can have many many dreams come true.  CF is not a disease that defines you.  You define who you are.
  • So if you haven’t heard already I LOVE Hypertonic Saline.  I stumbled upon a great article on HTS and I have also found a great string on a forum related to HTS.  I am going to sound like a broken record, but if you aren’t using this or haven’t tried HTS this may motivate you to add it to your treatment!  Listen up CF Stinks this one is for you cyster!!
  • Have you come to accepting these two letters yet in your life……..CF??? Well this is going to be a good topic to write about.
  • I still have yet to dish on Maria’s clip (this will answer your question Christina) that was not found on her fallopian tube and Alayna’s scare on her CF newborn screening. These are way overdue topics!
  • Quotes to live our life by, what legacy we are leaving behind, selling yourself short in life, and other various topics that will make us all better people……….hopefully.  I really do not know how to explain all of these future topics on this bullet point but they will be interesting to read and write about.
  • I am planning on providing more information on pre genetic diagnosis of embryos (PGD) as I believe some of you may have more questions on this topic.  As I have told many of you and you can see through my blog that IVF has a special place in our families heart.
  • How do you know when you have had an effective airway clearance treatment???
  • Are there any of you out there who thinks CF is mind blowing???? Ok, you will see what I mean when I write about this.  Every single one of us has a different story dealing with CF and no two cases of this disease is the same.
  • I have been wanting to write this challenge for a long time and I hope some of you will also take part in this challenge.  I am going to be thanking and acknowledging the special people in my life through this blog.  Each one of these will be a separate topic.  They will include Maria, Alayna, my CF team, parents, family, friends, cysters, fibros, and the list goes on!  (Looks like 10 posts in this one bullet item)
  • Coming out of the CF closet........Ok, this means opening up to people about CF :) 
  • There will be of course the monthly updates on Alayna and any other various topic that comes to my mind.

These are just a few topics and as you can see it would probably take me months to write about all of these bullet points.

So if you made it through my entire list without falling a sleep, I commend you!

If any of these blog post topics interest you feel free to use them in your blog.  Also, if you have yet to start a blog I highly suggest it.  I love it! It is really a great way for me to unwind and get my feelings and thoughts out about dealing with CF.  So start a blog today!  I would love to read your thoughts on dealing with CF and how you are overcoming this disease everyday! 

TO ALL MY READERS……. Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy lives to read what I have to say!

SO, what questions or topics would you like me to blog about????  I would really love to hear what you want to know about me or answer any questions that you may have....within reason of course! NO, you cannot have Alayna!!

As you can see, my mind is always always always thinking.  Just ask Maria I drive her nuts!!!

This is one of the first pictures of Alayna when she got home! 
I guess she is happy to be in our home!!!


  1. Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you! Should be fun, though. :)

    1. Yes, this is going to be challenging but fun! It's going to take me a few months to get through all these!!!

  2. Looking forward to all these posts :) Great idea getting your thoughts put down so you remember what you want to blog about. I tend to think of something and then completely forget what it was when I sit down at the computer.

    1. Hey CF stinks!!! You have been MIA from blogger.....I hope you are doing well??

      I agree on the forgetting part when I sit down at the computer. So this will make me have all my topics right in front of me.

      I am making one especially for you on HTS so I hope you can get something out of it :)

  3. Looks like you have quite the list of blog posts to work on. :) I love that you are planning ahead, and I'm looking forward to reading those posts!

    1. Hi Kayla!! Yes, there is a lot in this mind of mine that I want to get out and for people to read :) I am glad you will be back to read what I have to say!!!

      I hope you are doing well cyster!