Sunday, January 13, 2013

RIP Dalton Dingus!!!!!!!

Last night was very emotional for me as one of our own, Dalton Dingus 9 years old received his angel wings.  Dalton you no longer are suffering and are now shinning down upon us all!! You are breathing much easier now my little buddy!!!

In fact it was really odd last night. I was about to mention something to Maria about Dalton and how Blake Shelton sent him a personal video.  Apparently, I was thinking of this little angel in Dalton tonight for a reason. 

I have blogged about him about a month ago (My post about Dalton).  Dalton was sent home from the hospital back in November since the doctor's said there was nothing else they could do for him.  Dalton's last wish was to break the Guiness World Record for receiving the most Christmas cards.  That record WAS 35,000 cards.  At the time I blogged about Dalton he had received 23,000 cards.  I made sure to send him a card with a letter to him as well as his parents.  I also shared Dalton's story with a few people I know and they sent cards.  I have a friend who teaches a PSR class and the kids in the class made cards for Dalton.  You my friend are a class act for doing this!! 

Dalton's dream and wish did come true.  So far he has received over 700,000 Christmas cards and they are still not all counted!!! He touched so many hearts in the process of asking for a small task and put the true meaning in Christmas.  Thank you to everyone who made Dalton's dream come true.

Like I said last night was an emotional night for me on a couple fronts.  First, I became very attached to Dalton really fast.  I followed his mom Jessica on Facebook and looked at many pictures of Dalton and could tell what a class act this little man was.  He had a great smile and just by looking at him I could tell he loved living his life.  Dalton's mom Jessica, is also the same age as me 27 and I just could not imagine how she was preparing herself for the potential loss of her son.  Now that I am a father to a miracle I just could not imagine life without our little Alayna.  I was just very connected to this story about Dalton in so many ways. 

Life for a 9 year old boy is supposed to be one of the greatest times in your life.  Dalton was supposed to be thinking about spending time with his friends, playing outside, making a snowman, going fishing with his dad, and of course just living without the worry of this disease.  I cannot even imagine what this little man was going through in his last few days.  Instead of thinking about playing he was thinking about where his next breath was going to come from.  It really pains me to even think this way but it is reality.  I can guarantee that Dalton was surrounded by his family during this time but for a 9 year old boy to go through this is just not fair.  I will never stop raising awareness and raising money for this disease until CF stands for CURE FOUND!!!! I do not want another family to have this same experience EVER again!!

I pray for Dalton's mom Jessica and the rest of Dalton's family.  I cannot even begin to think what is going through their minds at this time.  As a parent, I cannot imagine ever having to say good bye to your son or daughter.  We as parents are not meant to be burying our children.  I know this though that God has a special plan for all of you who were so close to Dalton.  

I personally do not know Dalton or any of his family but I do know that Dalton has made an impact on so many lives.  He truly will never know the true impact he has left on this planet but it is so large.  I know he has received cards from around the world and that right there just tells me so many people cared about this little man.  I for one will never forget this story about you Dalton you have inspired me to CONTINUE to live out my dreams with CF everyday.  You have shown me that dreams do come true!!! When I have a bad day Dalton you will remind me that life is SHORT.  I want others to feel this same way because life is truly SHORT! 

Thank you to the Dingus family for sharing this precious child with all of us!! Dalton's story will never be forgotten.  I am sending all my prayers and thoughts to your family at this time.  May you find peace in this difficult time.


  1. It is so devastating that someone so very young lost their life to this horrible disease. It seems so unfair that some of us can grow up, get married, have babies and then some of us never even see the teen years :(

    Breath easy little Dalton!

    1. Yes IH, this story crushed me! I agree on the unfairness of this disease. But as we all know life is never fair.

      I think its up to us IH to spread awareness about this disease. WE are defying the odds everyday we get out of bed. We are truly blessed to have been able to find someone in our life who loves us, have a child, and just live and love our life!