Thursday, January 17, 2013

Alayna 3 Months Old!!

I cannot believe you are already 3 months old.  Where does time go??? I guess like they say when you are having fun it flies.  We have been having a lot of fun with our little miracle this past month.  So without further a do here is the monthly review.  After writing this it has turned into another post that seems like a BOOK!  Sorry in advance but it has some good stuff in here : )

Alayna you continue to grow like the green giant.  I am not even joking on this topic.  When we brought you home from the hospital you were weighing in at approximately 6 lbs.  Today, we weighed you at home and you are almost 14 lbs.  As far as your height or length whatever you want to call it…… came home at 20 inches long.  You are know over 24 inches long!!!! So it looks like this little baby knows how to eat and pack on the lbs and inches.  If she continues this trend she will be playing in the NBA!!! But honestly, when I look back on pictures of her when she first made her entrance into this world I am astonished she was ever that small.  Its mind blowing how fast you are growing and changing in front of our eyes.  I cannot imagine how big and what you will look like in the next few months. 

In Alayna’s two month review, I talked about how she is so long and that it was getting harder for me to hold her with my one arm.  I am actually trying to remember the last time I did this with her and it has been a long time.  You are  just getting so long.  I also mentioned about her incredible sense of strength last month.  This sense of strength is continuing and its very noticeable.  In fact the other day you scooted yourself on your back and bonked your head in your crib.  Even during diaper changes you will even push off the changer and raise your little butt and babble away. 

There is one person who really notices Alayna’s strength and that is Maria.  Maria has long hair and when Alayna sees that beautiful brown hair from her mom in her face she grabs it.  Apparently this grasp that you have Alayna is like a death grip.  Alayna will smile away while she is pulling Maria’s hair and Maria has the complete opposite expression on her face.  As for me I don’t have to worry about my hair but I will laugh when I see you doing this to your mom Alayna!!!!

You continue to develop your communication skills Alayna.  Again, I mentioned this in her two month review but now her communication is much different.  No she isn’t talking yet but she seems to be communicating back to us. I posted a video of Alayna on Facebook where she is going crazy with her smile and babbling.  Someone mentioned to me that Alayna is going to be talking more than me and Maria combined.  As some of you know I love to talk. I think we are going to have our hands full in time but I wouldn’t change that for the world.

I thought I would share this with everyone to see if their children had a favorite spot to babble and communicate. Alayna your favorite spot where you love to communicate is really odd.  It is really odd that this makes you the happiest but you love it and we love it as well now.  When you get in your diaper changer you go bonkers and loves to smile and babble and look at me and your mom in our eyes.  I LOVE this about you Alayna! This is something me and your mom will remember forever.  So needless to say Maria and I fight over who changes you Alayna.  

Alayna you seem to understand something about your dad already.  Even at this small age you look at me and I can tell in your eyes you know something about me.  You know that your dad is a fighter already I can see it.  Every night I bring you with me to sit next to me while I do my VEST treatment at night.  I have not been bringing you with me during my morning treatment because one, you are peacefully sleeping on your mom and two, I don’t know what this hypertonic saline would do to your little lungs.  But anyway, you will sit there and stare at me and smile back at me when I talk in that shaken VEST voice.  I love it already!!!  Then when I cough you look back at me with this look on your face that tells me “Are you ok Daddy?”  I respond to you saying that I am feeling great and daddy is a fighter just like you my little miracle Alayna!!!  So Alayna I have already introduced you to CF and I will not shy away from this with you.  Eventually, you will start to ask me questions on why I do treatment and medicines.  I promise I will share the reasons of why I do these things with you.  I am not sure how I will approach this but I will not hide from this. 

This past month Alayna, you experienced your first Christmas.  You were sleeping for most of it but it was still fun for both your mom and myself.  All I can say on this topic is that if this trend continues on how spoiled you are from everyone in this family we will be looking for a bigger house! You were spoiled beyond belief Alayna. 

As a fitting end to our year we made a trip up to our IVF center on December 31 with you.  On our car ride we listened to your song Alayna.  Your song is by One Republic titled “Good Life”.  This song is the song me and your mom listened to on our ride to have you implanted that special day!!!  Anyway, we actually had an appointment with one of the doctors.  If you are reading this and thinking we are already thinking about another kid that answer is NOOO, well at least not yet!  The reason we were there was because of Maria’s clip that was no longer on her fallopian tube.  But this topic is going to have a separate blog soon.  (Thanks for asking about this Christina on my blog!!!) So getting back on topic, all the staff and doctors came out to see you Alayna.  They have truly played a major role in giving us the opportunity to have a family.  They were so proud and happy to see you.  In fact, we were there for well over 2 hours.  Everyone was gushing over you Alayna and how adorable you are and how much you look like your daddy!! Maria and I both thanked every single one of these people and told them they made our dreams come true.  I honestly do not think I could ever re pay them for what they have done for our family.  Every single person in the clinic is truly a miracle worker in our eyes. 

Lastly, Alayna you have developed your first cold and it truly has been an event.  Thank God you never got a fever but you have been severely congested in the nose department.  Your mommy has been taken EXCELLENT care of you during this time and it is difficult to see you all stuffed up.  This cold that you have is lasting a long time well over a week heading on two weeks but I know this…… already are one little fighter.  You have a great attitude little girl and are still your same little self always smiling and babbling away.  I swear you get this attitude from your mommy and not me.

So as you can see it was an eventful filled month for you Alayna.  This is usually the trend in this household so get use to it baby girl! I still cannot believe you are already 3 months old.  You are halfway to 6 months which is unbelievable to both me and your mom.  These past 3 months have been wonderful and I cannot wait to see what is ahead for all of us.  Everyday I think about how blessed this family truly is to have you in our life Alayna!!

As always here is a bunch of pictures of Alayna. Enjoy!!! Sorry this post was a book!


  1. That winking picture is seriously too cute!

    Sorry to hear about the first cold. We just experienced our first baby cold not long ago and it sure is heartbreaking to listen to them struggle to breath through their stuffy nose!

    I love that you are involving Alayna in your CF care. I try to do the same with Kaylee. I would love to talk to you someday about how you will explain CF and treatments to Alayna. I want to be honest to a point, but I don't want her to be scared about my CF. I guess we have some time to figure it all out!

    1. Thank IH!! Alayna finally seems to be getting over the stuffyy nose :)

      I hear you on the scared part. We will most definately talk about this IH :)

  2. Alayna is so very cute! Congrats. And you seem like such a wonderful Daddy. :-)

    1. Thanks Ruth!!! WOW such a heartfelt comment that you have left me!

      I hope you will be back to read more of what I have to write :)

      I have visited your blog and I am looking forward to reading about your life and kicking CF butt!!!