Saturday, November 10, 2012

Doctor Appointment Updates Urologist & CF Clinic

It was a very busy morning in our household.  If you read my prior post I said I would update this weekend on how Maria's appointment went as well as mine.  Well here you have it.  The first stop was to Maria's urologist.  If you didn't read the prior post, Maria setup an appointment with the urologist to see if they could get to the bottom of her blood in the urine.  The blood in her urine all started with her c section as they had to use a foley catheter.  If you missed it, the nurse put Maria's catheter in with a lot of force : ( So we assumed something was damaged in her bladder due to the unexcusable force that was used to place the catheter. When Maria setup the appointment with the urologist she described all her symptoms and she asked what would happen if there was a damage to her bladder.  The nurse said surgery would be required!!!!

We met with the doctor and he said he was going to have to use a camera to see where all the blood was coming from :(  That doesn't sound to pleasent does it??? The doctor numbed everything up and inserted a camera and away they went looking to see what was in her bladder.  He looked all around the bladder and discovered these little cuts that looked like scratches!!! He claimed it could have been caused by Alayna's head as she was coming down the birth canal or most likely the catheter.  Maria and I both said it had to be from the catheter.  The doctor said that these little cuts/scratches should heal on their own.  So that meant NO surgery!!!! Thank god! Talk about a load off our shoulders.  Finally, some good news!

Then it was off to the CF clinic.  The focus of my appointment was mainly on Alayna's birth and showing pictures of her to everyone in the office :)  But of course we did focus on my CF care.  I did the usual sputum culture and I was able to cough up a nice glob of mucus for them to send to the lab.  The doctor then listened to my lungs and heard nothing rattling around.  I usually never have any junk that is rattling around though so I always get the "You sound great John" from the doctor.  I then was weighed and given a pulse ox test.  Everything checked out on the pulse ox and my weight was stable.  Since I had yet to have my flu shot the nurse gave me the shot.  She was probably the best shot giver.  I didn't feel it all.  But of course as I type this I feel like a little kid punched me in the shoulder.  That will pass though so its all good. 

Now on to the PFT.  My doctor looked through my records and said you had a PFT last time you were here. So NO PFT today.  Well I was kinda glad I didn't have a test today because I didn't do any airway clearence this morning or my hypertonic saline.  I know BAD John!!! But that is what happens when you have extreme exhaustion from a newborn.  To be honest I set both my phone alarm and my radio by my bed and I didn't hear either of them go off.  Luckily, I was able to get up on my own at 6:30 am.  This is the time I get up to go to work so its basically programmed in my body ;)  I only had enough time to eat a small breakfast, change Alayna's diaper, let the dogs outside, and get dressed.  We had to be in the car by 7:00 am so I had to sacrifice the VEST and HTS.  But I made up for it when I got home.  I still fit in two treatments for the day!!

We are just so thankful that Maria does not need another surgery!!!!!!! My appointment went well also but it made for a very long day and we did it all without our baby girl.  Alayna was in good hands with her grandma.  We were gone for over 5 hours from her and it felt like forever.  I guess it was our first date.......I wouldn't call it a date though going to two doctor appointments.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Alayna with her big smile! She is happy that both her Mommy and Daddy had good Dr. appts.


  1. Glad everything is going well and no surgery for Maria! I am surprised you got through a clinic visit without a PFT, my doctors require it at every single visit.

    1. Hey IH! Yes we were so happy to hear that there will not be another surgery for Maria!

      As for the PFT at the clinic vist, if I had a PFT the prior visit then I usually do not have one in my next appointment. This was the case for me the other day. I go to CF clinic about every 2 months. Some people go less often then me as far as every quarter. This may have something to do with not having a PFT everytime I go.

      How often do you go to your clinic???