Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween and a little update!

We celebrated Alayna's first Halloween over the weekend.  We unfortunately did not carve a single pumpkin this year but that is understanble because when you have a newborn all your attention is on the baby. Next year we plan to carve a pumpkin with her though! But over the weekend, we did have Alayna in a photo shoot at my sister in laws house.  She got dressed up as a lady bug and another really cute outfit that was adorable.  There will be many many more photo shoots to come as my sister in law loves photography and they only live two doors down from us.  So here are some of the pictures from the Halloween shoot.

Alayna and her cousin Kendal

Somebody is tired

Look at me in Orange!!
I am awake now and ready to eat!!!
In other news, Alayna seems to be doing really well.  She loves eating and making diapers for mommy and daddy to change.  She has developed a pretty bad diaper rash but since we took her to the dermatologist the suggestions they gave us seem to be working.  I never knew you could give a baby probiotics but it seems to be helping with her bowl movements :)  As for Maria, she is healing day by day.  I mean just imagine having a huge cut on your pelvic line and trying to feed the baby, sleep, etc. It's pretty hard but she has been a real trooper! More so than I would ever be that is for sure.  She did mention to me remember how you were John when you had your gall bladder removed and how painful it was for you etc. She said her surgery was 100 times worse.  I couldn't agree more!!  And again if men had to carry babies for 9 months and delivery there would be no more mankind!!

Oh in other news today was sad for me as my 2 weeks off work came to an end!! I returned to work today leaving my two beautiful girls at home :(  I think I told our labor story almost 10 tmes today which made me relive that horrible experience! But I always ended the story by saying they are both home and healthy which is most important!!

I know I cannot stop talking about our beautiful Alayna but I promise I will make a post about CF here in the near future.  I guess its good though that I do not have that much news on the CF front :)

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween!!!

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  1. Your daughter is beautiful! I understand having trouble writing about CF after a baby because they become your entire world!! Sorry you had to return to work :(