Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pregnancy: Final Trimester

I wish I had started this blog months ago so I could have documented week by week our pregnancy journey but oh well.  So better late than never!  

How far along:  Yes, it’s the final trimester!!! We are currently in week 28. Less than 100 days.  If you want me to be exact 83 days to go according to a baby app that I have on my I phone. I cannot believe it that we have made it this far.  I told the wife I can still remember the day that little embryo was transferred.

How big:  According to the baby app…..She now weighs 2.25 lbs like a Chinese cabbage and measures almost 15 inches from head to toe.  I think Maria would beg to differ on this. She really thinks Alayna is going to be a big baby!!!

Developments and Milestones:  Alayna can now blink her eyes and she has eye lashes. She also has developed her eyesight and now may be able to see the light that filters through the womb.  Has anyone ever shined a flashlight on the belly to see if the baby moves? I heard of people doing this. We will be trying the flashlight exercise sometime soon.  Her brain is also developing billions of neurons and adding body fat in preparation for the outside life.  Other impressive talents she has mastered include dreaming, coughing and better breathing!!! Wow, so that little girl in there is dreaming?!? Lets hope she is not having nightmares!!!

A big milestone this week is if she were to be born this week though premature she would have an excellent prognosis because her lungs have reached the point of maturity for the most part. But with this said Alayna please stay in there for another 12 weeks because you still need to develop and mature. There is no better place to grow and develop than in your mom’s womb!!

What Mom and Dad Notice:  We have noticed her moving for a few weeks now but it seems she is getting bigger as these movements feel stronger.  It seems as though she has developed a sleep pattern also. She is less active as Maria sleeps which is a good thing.  We both agree that there is no better feeling than feeling this little baby move!  This has been my wife’s favorite part of pregnancy and mine too.

This is a recent picture of Maria she is all belly. Alayna is just sticking straight out!!!
I have heard a saying about mom’s having girls. “A baby girl will steal the mother’s beauty”.  I may be biased but I do not see this saying remaining true here. You are GORGOUES pregnant!!!!


  1. Wow! How beautiful! Maria looks great, and I love reading about where Alayna is right now in her development! I'm very excited for you two as you begin the home stretch! :)

    1. Thanks Megan! I will continue to update on a weekly basis where our little miracle is at on her development. We are counting down the weeks!!!