Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pregnancy: Final Trimester Week 32

Another week down as we get closer and closer to the big day. Here is the weekly update!  Anyone realize that pregnancy is not really 9 months its 10 MONTHS (40 WEEKS)!!! 

How far along:  We are currently in week 32.  As of today, we have 56 days to go!  WOW, I remember when we had over 200 days! Time really does fly.

How big:  Depending upon which baby app I reference…..She now weighs 3.75 lbs like a large jicama.  So what is a jicama? I had to google this since I have never heard of it. It looks like a very large potato. So anyway, Alayna currently measures 16.7 inches from head to toe and is taking up a lot of room in Maria’s uterus.  I definitely think she agrees with that statement!!!

Developments and Milestones:  Maria will be gaining about a pound a week and about half of that goes right to Alayna. Looks like Alayna will be eating a bunch of Maria’s food over the next weeks.  I am sure Chipolte will be a featured food over the next weeks as it is one Maria’s favorites.  In fact, Alayna will gain a third to half her weight during the next seven weeks as she fattens up for the outside world!      

Looks like toenails, fingernails, and real hair (peachfuzz) are visible now. Hmm really Alayna you had a wig on in there?  Her hair is starting to grow on top of her head and due to increased pigmentation resulting from more melanin production, it now has some color. Any guess on Alayna’s hair color?

Her skeletal muscles are growing stronger and the bones are hardening even more. She is looking more like a newborn everyday.  Also, Alayna’s skin on her body is becoming soft and smooth.  I cannot wait to feel this!!

Alayna is sleeping like a baby!!! She now has sleep cycles of 20 to 40 minutes long.  I wonder who is sleeping more now Alayna or Maria?

Today, Maria had a doctor appointment and everything went well. The baby is measuring correctly and the big news is…………Alayna is now head down!!! I guess that could explain all the pain she is feeling now.

What Mom and Dad Notice:   The theme continues from last week noticing body parts! But this time I have felt some bone structures not sure what it is though.  Could be a leg or an arm. This really is amazing to be able to feel this little human being. It makes it feel just that more real and that she is coming soon.  Maria told me today that she is going to prepare her hospital bag. WOW, ready or not here she comes!

Over the weekend it was really hot here approaching the 90s and Maria was very swollen. Her hands looked so puffy and swollen like a dinosaur. Her feet and ankles were swollen as well. Poor girl. At least the third trimester is toward the end of summer because if it was any earlier this summer I am sure you would have been miserable.   As far as her blood pressure and the swollenness, Maria’s blood pressure is still normal.  She just has to avoid salty foods. Well that will be a hard one for you honey!  

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