Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Liver Results Are In!

Today, Maria received her liver biopsy results and was also able to talk to her liver doctor.  The results are actually mixed.  I will start with what we know.  The biopsy revealed no cirrhosis of the liver which is GREAT.  During her appointment this afternoon she was able to talk to her liver doctor about the biopsy results and the recent blood test.  The blood test did reveal that something is going on with Maria's liver but the question is what................

The doctor claims her liver enzymes should really be a lot lower than they currently are.  So he is thinking that the elevated liver enzymes are related to an autoimmune disorder based on a few blood tests.  Still the test is not 100% conclusive of her having an autoimmune disorder but Maria shows many signs and symptoms of it. The doctor really believes that Maria could have what is called autoimmune hepatitis.  No, it's not the viral hepatitis and no you cannot spread it to anyone.

 Autoimmune hepatitis basically is when the body is attacking the liver. To read more about autoimmune hepatitis click here. Your immune system decides to take action and attack your liver for whatever reason.  The reason behind this is still unknown.  Researchers believe that autoimmune hepatitis in some people maybe pre genetically disposed.  

So where do we start with a treatment.........Well it looks like Maria's liver is still really really healthy which is excellent.  The doctor does believe we have caught all this very early as there is no scaring in her liver.  The current plan will be to give Maria the lovely Prednisone (steroid) to reduce liver inflammation.  She will be on this for a month and they will then perform another blood test.  They will see if her liver enzymes are lowering from the steroid.  If her liver enzymes are lowering that will confirm that she does have an autoimmune disorder.  Then she will be taking steroids and another pill most likely for the rest of her life to prevent cirrhosis of the liver.  Also, she will have to have blood tests frequently and liver biopsies performed every few years.  They will be monitoring to make sure the liver is still remaining  healthy and there is no cirrhosis.  But we shall see how Maria responds to the steroids as that will confirm if there is an autoimmune disorder attacking her liver.  I really do not want to jump to conclusions so just maybe there still is that hope she doesn't have to worry about this.  

I can tell you that Maria has shown me what it really means to be determined.  She has been going through this elevated liver enzyme period for almost a year now.  If it wasn't for her determination we may not even know why she is feeling the way she is.  Sometimes when it comes to your health you have to take charge and demand answers.  That is exactly what she is doing demanding an answer to all this.  I really admire this quality in her more than she knows.  I know she wants to be here more than anything for Alayna and for me and she is determined!  I just hope soon we will have some final answer to all this.

It is really hard seeing the one you love having to deal with not feeling like her normal self.  I almost feel helpless in all this.  All I can do is show my support and let her know it will be OK.  I know this family will get through this no matter what and come out even stronger than before.  Thank you again for keeping this family in your thoughts! It really means a lot to US!

I will update when we have more information........



  1. I'm sending prayers your way! I hope they're able to get it under control and that it will not pose any more problems. Will Maria be able to keep BFing on the prednisone? (If you're not sure, I highly recommend calling the Infant Risk line - the number is at - they are GREAT with info about how to BF safely on meds.)

    1. Thanks Cindy! As for all the BFing and prednisone. She will definately check into all that. Thanks for the great website. I think she has actually talked to them before :)

  2. Weird to be on the other side of the health scares? Please share with Maria that I wish her and your lovely family the best through all of this. Ask her if she wants to hug my pillow : ) (Maria, I know you will know who it is by that last part...I am as afraid of people knowing who I am online as I am of germs.)

    1. Oh Yes, she knew who this was right away!! Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and reading the blog :)