Saturday, September 28, 2013

Alayna 11 Month's A Little Late

This post is a little late as we were all on a family vacation during Alayna’s 11 month birthday.  In less than 1 month our miracle will be turning 1 year old!!!!!!!!!!!! What???? I still cannot believe how fast 1 year has gone.

So what has been going on in your life Alayna? You, finally can say dadadadad. In fact, that is how you say it.  I honestly thought you would be walking before you said dada.  I guess I was wrong.  That also means you still are not walking yet.  But WE know in a few days you will take your first steps.  You have become so brave these last few days holding on with one hand and then letting go when you pull yourself up on the corner of the wall, window ledge, baby gate, or your play pen.  I think you are just being cautious.  

One of your new favorite things is to stand up with your walker or even a box and you start walking behind it.  But I think you still feel safer crawling everywhere. Not just that its safer, but you can get to where you want to go faster.

You are learning to say a few new words minus mumumum and dadadad. When you see a picture of a dog or even see a dog you try to say dog.  On vacation I would tell you to wave to the birdie or the dog and you would wave and try to say bird and dog. It looks like you are going to be one smart little girl here real soon.

This past month we had our first family vacation to Topsail, NC. During the stay your grandma and grandpa were there, uncle tom and you also got to meet daddy's cousin. On the way back home you got to meet your great aunt and uncle from DC.
We were originally suppose to go to Niagara Falls  back in May but you were not feeling to great.  But that was fine because if it wasn’t for you getting sick we wouldn’t have had the chance to put a bid on the house we know live in.  Mommy and daddy were both anxious on how you would do in the car.  We decided it made sense to break the drive up and stop halfway.  I think for mostly mommy and daddy’s sanity.  But you were really good in fact I would say you did FANTASTIC in the car.  You really didn’t even cry once. I guess it must have been watching a few Barney videos that put you to sleep in the car.

We stayed two weeks at the beach and it was a great time.  The first week was really a big adjustment for all of us.  I think mainly for mommy and daddy who are use to just relaxing at the beach.  We focused all of our attention on you as we made sure to not expose you to the blistering sun.  When we would go to the beach it was well past 4 pm everyday to minimize the UV rays.  I think you really dislike sunscreen!  It was like torture when we tried to rub the sunscreen on you.  But when we got you out to the beach you really enjoyed it.  I wasn’t sure how you would react to the ocean but you LOVED it.  Never once were you afraid of the sound or the water. You would smile every time I put you in the water or held you in the sand.

The place we stayed at had its own pool so we took advantage of that.  We put you in your little baby float and you would just splash away.  There was on day you just fell asleep in your raft in the pool.  I guess from this trip we could really conclude that you LOVE water.

During this trip I got to see firsthand how hard your mommy works everyday as a stay at home mom.  I really was able to see a first hand appreciation for how hard she does work everyday.  I know one day when you read this you will tell us how easy a child you are.  It’s not that you are destructive you are just one active little toddler already.  I guess we would prefer it that way.

I still cannot believe in 20 days you will be 1 year old!!! It really is hard to imagine how fast time really goes.  You have given us more joy than you would ever know Alayna.  We love you more than words could ever express!!!

 Time for a bunch of photos at the beach.


Someone is happy

She loved everything about the ocean!

She made her own little footprints

First time viewing the ocean when we arrived. 

Two beauties. 

Mommy is happy 

I still cannot believe Maria had a baby less than a year ago! 

Mommy and Alayna in the pool 

Rockin the ball cap!!! 

First time touching the sand!!! 

First time ever in a pool! 

No she actually did not eat a chip! 

This is an awesome view daddy! 

I am the princess of the beach. 

WE just love her smile. 

Only official 11 month photo! 


  1. John..I absolutely LOVE these pics with you, your beautiful wife Maria, and ADORABLE Alayna on your vacation! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing. You all look so great. A lot of firsts : ).

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. We had a great time!