Thursday, June 6, 2013

Maria's MRI Liver Results

So here is a quick update on Maria’s liver.  If you have not been following here is the last post.   The doctor ordered an MRI since all of her genetic disease testing turned out negative for alpha 1, lupus, and a few others.  The reason the doctor wanted to perform an MRI was to rule out the “c” word and to get a more detailed picture of what her liver looks like.  

This Wednesday was the MRI. Not only were we anxious for the results of the test it was going to be a long day for Maria. Maria is still breastfeeding so that meant it was going to be a day of pumping and dumping.  The MRI was performed and as soon as Maria was heading out the door the MRI tech said make sure you call the doctor right away to schedule an appointment to go over the results! Uhm, ok so what does that mean? Did the tech see something on the MRI and was concerned? As we all know they cannot and will not tell you anything so you have to wait to call/hear from the doctor.  The panic and anxiousness continued for the both of us the rest of the day.  I kept reassuring Maria it was going to be positive news.  Nothing good ever comes from thinking negative so I have been remaining calm through this entire process.  

Today, Maria called for her results.  The nurse informed her that everything in the MRI looked normal and there was nothing concerning.  WOOO HOO!! Also, she had a blood test a few days ago to check her liver enzymes and the nurse also gave her the results.  The liver enzymes are dropping but are still high.  Another WOO HOO!! The good thing is that her liver enzymes are dropping and not getting any higher!  

So the next plan of action is she will have monthly blood tests to check the status of her liver enzymes.  Then we will follow up with the doctor in 4 months! I am hoping and praying that the liver enzymes continue to get lower every month.  We will just have to wait and see.  Maybe all this elevated liver enzymes was caused by a fatty liver during pregnancy?  But there is nothing fat on Maria at all : )

WE are so thankful that there was nothing found on the MRI to be concerned about.  So that black cloud that has been hanging around for months now can now move on.  I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has kept us in your thoughts and prayers.  

I opened my fortune cookie today to read this! I guess it was meant to be good news!!

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