Monday, June 17, 2013

Alayna 8 Months Old!

Another month is in the history books Alayna.  You are now 8 months old! As I always say every month, where has the time gone? Pretty soon before I know it I will be writing your 12 month post.  I think we need to call a timeout in this game before I know it you will be walking all over the place. Then WE will really have our work cut out for us.  

As far as your weight and height, you continue to be one long baby and one solid girl as well.  The longer I hold you the less I am able to carry you everywhere without me noticing your actual size.  I swear at your current growth rate you will be a lot taller than your mom and even looking at dad eye to eye.  Maybe you will be a future basketball player?

Last month, you discovered you could roll across the floor.  Now, we have upgraded you to an actual walker.  So no more rug burn for your belly and back.  You love this little walker.  At first, you had no idea what and why we put you in it.  It didn’t take you long before you understood what a walker was and you are a “master” now at using it.  In fact, this walker is your favorite toy.  You will do a complete 360 degree turn and you even reverse out of a tight spot when you get stuck.  It is adorable to see you use because you get the biggest kick out of flying down the kitchen.  I think you even have made it a game to crash into mommy and me.  It really really does hurt though.  My ankles must have a big bulls eye on them.  We will look down after you wreck into our legs and you have the biggest grin on your face.  Alayna you are a stinker that’s for sure. 

Not only do you like to wreck into our legs, you try to run into the dogs as well.  JJ and Mia are scared when you get in the walker and hide under the table or completely move out of your way.  This walker has really allowed you to have some freedom though going up and down the kitchen.  Pretty soon when you start walking I know you will be getting your hands on every single thing Watch out here comes Alayna every one get off the road she is dangerous.

There is one thing about this walker that mommy and me have noticed.  You love to look at your reflection from the dishwasher or the stove.  You will sit there and smile at your reflection and laugh.  Mommy says you get this from daddy.  I am not sure about that though.  

As far as your vocabulary, you are still not saying very much yet.  Last month, you did say your first word and that was “mum”.  Your mom and I have been trying to get you to say more but its been a tough go.  In fact, we have been trying to get you to say “da” or “dada” and here is what has come out of your little mouth.  You do this little up and down nod with your head like you are agreeing with us while we are saying “da”.  Instead of saying “da” you say “ball!” Really? “Ball” that is no where near to the sound of “da”  Well I guess you have your priorities straight already.  Mom and ball are your important things right now and I cannot blame you.  Eventually you will say “da!”

This past month we were going to take you on your first “mini” vacation. We wanted to see how you would be in the car for a short trip to Niagara Falls.  But you had your say in that.  Your top teeth decided they wanted to come in and you were not a big fan at all.  So  we had to postpone the trip to Niagara Falls.  I have a saying Alayna that will get old real fast to you “things happen for a reason”.  There really was a reason behind us not going to Canada and us not going has changed our life in some way.  I will blog about it one day soon but not just yet.  The big changed happened on the day we found out you were going to be a little girl a year ago.  I guess there must be something about May 29th.

Alayna, you have the best personality EVER.  Lately, you have been doing this head nod like you are agreeing or saying “Yes”. It is beyond adorable.  We will sit there and ask you questions and you will nod yes.  I know you do not understand what we are saying/asking you but it is still funny.  

As far as what you dislike, its still not very many things.  But you really do not like when you have to change your diaper now.  It is more of a lets get this dirty diaper off of me so I can go and play or get in my walker.  You also dislike taking “longer” naps. I would call it cat napping is what you prefer.  If we are in the car for 20 mins that is your nap. What happened to those hour naps? I guess you prefer to be awake.

I cannot believe next month you will be 9 months! Maybe you will be crawling by then. You are almost to the point of crawling instead of rolling to get what you want.  

We love you Alayna!

I love this little miracle!

Me, Alayna, My brother in law, and our niece. Happy Father's Day! 
Too cute!


Love this kids eyes!

Look at that smirk!
Two teeth :)


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