Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What an EVENTFUL Week In Our Household!!!

Another week has passed us and it has been an EVENTFUL week.  It was a busy busy busy week as always in our household.  Alayna turned 2 months and Maria still has to deal with health issues related to the birth of our miracle.  So since I already informed everyone about Alayna’s progress in her 2 month development this post will focus all on Maria. 

I know there are a few expecting mothers out there who read this blog so what I am about to share doesn’t happen to everyone or in the least bit to anyone.  All these health issues related to giving birth happen to the minority of people and NOT the majority.  So I hope you will find comfort in that statement.

Where to begin……….well I guess I will just jump right in.  There are many of you who have been following this blog and are pretty familiar with our birth experience.  But for those of you who are new to my blog or have forgotten what Maria has been going through I will summarize briefly.  During the delivery Maria was told she would have basically an emergency c section.  They didn’t classify the c section as an emergency but it might as well have been considered one.  Before the c section took place, they had to place an evil folly catheter.  Maria was not comfortable at all during this and the nurse who administered the catheter basically used a lot of force.   Sadly, she has had to deal with many bladder issues from bleeding to pain to you name it.  We had gone to many doctor’s to see if anyone could give us an explanation on why these issues were still occurring almost 2 months after Alayna’s birth.  One doctor said that all these issues are normal another doctor said the bleeding was caused by force when inserting the catheter etc. But Maria remained persistent because she was still not feeling like herself. 

She contacted her regular OB as she was scared another health issue was occurring.  Maria was very concerned as she started to feel a lump in one of her breasts.  If anyone has ever breast fed their child before you know that you can develop clogged ducts and that was what Maria was thinking it was.  But Maria was unable to work the lump out of her breast and decided it was time to see the Dr.  She informed her Dr. of what was going on and he told her she needed to have an ultrasound to rule out what this lump actually was and to see if the lump needed to be drained.  Also, during the appointment she told the Dr. she was still having bleeding and discomfort.  The Dr.said that it isn’t normal to still have these problems almost 2 months since delivery.  He ordered Maria to have an ultrasound to determine if there was still placenta in her womb.  REALLY!!!!!!!!  I am unsure if I mentioned this before but Maria did have an extra lobe to her placenta and she made sure to ask the OB who performed the c section to remove the entire placenta.   The Dr claimed it was all cleared out and there were no remains of the placenta. 

The ultrasound on Maria’s breast revealed there was a lump and that they needed to proceed further on the testing of the lump.  Maria called me with tears in her eyes as the ultrasound doctor informed her that the lump was irregular shaped and that she had to be seen by a breast surgeon that day.  They wanted to rule the big C word CANCER.  Thankfully, after meeting with the breast surgeon she stated that it was most likely a clogged milk duct.  Later that afternoon Maria had the duct drained and it was not very pleasant at all.   I will spare all the details but it had to deal with a FEW needles being inserted to help drain this clog. Thankfully, the lump was not cancerous!!!  All I can think of is that my wife is one true warrior.  

Also, that day Maria was scheduled to have an ultrasound to determine if there was still placenta retained from Alayna’s birth.   We rushed off to the next doctor appointment and the ultrasound was performed with a follow up visit with the OB Dr.  During the ultrasound, Maria and I both noticed something in her womb that looked like blood flow.  It looked like the blue and red glow on an ultrasound and all I could think of is that it didn’t look normal.

As soon as the ultrasound was complete we met with the OB Dr.  The first thing that came out of his mouth was I am sorry I have some sad news for you Maria.  My heart sank I knew the placenta was still in there.  Maria then had to decide when they would perform the DNC to remove the remaining placenta.  She chose last Friday to allow her the chance to rest and recover from all the negative news we received in one day. 

Friday, came and it was surgery day to remove the remaining parts of the placenta.  The surgery went very well and the Dr. informed me that he removed multiple parts of the placenta. We were discharged later that afternoon and eventually had to come back to the hospital ER as Maria was in a great amount of pain.  They sent us home with pain medicines and by the end of the weekend a lot of the pain had subsided.    So hopefully that will put the bleeding issues behind us!!!

The worst part of all of this is I am the one who is use to being sick and it has killed me to witness my wife battle these last couple months.  But I have said this numerous times on my blog and I will say it again.  My wife is one heck of a woman.  She has shown me her true character and determination during the toughest times and I am so thankful I have her in my life.  Nothing we have experienced is typical at all but I believe soon we will put all these issues behind us and move forward with our incredible life.  Just looking at Alayna we know it is all worth it in the end.  She is a miracle and the greatest gift we could ever ask for in our life. 

These two girls are my world!!!


  1. Goodness you have had quite the struggle with health recently. I'm so sorry that this issue has gone on so long for you two. I'm praying that everything is on the up and up for all three of you now!!

    1. Hey Megan :) Its getting better day by day. Slowly we will back to 100% SOON!!!!

      I'm glad your pregnancy is going well for you!!

  2. Wow, how awful! Poor Maria. She's a trooper! I hope she starts feeling better and can put the whole ordeal behind her!