Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Need A Little Motivation?

I need some motivation when it comes to exercise. It’s not that I do not have any motivation in my life.  I have to say that I have the biggest motivator’s in my life in Maria and Alayna.  For me, saying I have motivator’s in my life and actually exercising are two different things.  I really really really need to increase the amount of exercise in my life.  So here is to hoping that changes soon!!!

But if these people in this article do not motivate you to get at least 15 minutes of exercise in every other day then I don’t know what will.  The article is old news but I just recently found it online and loved it. The article is about the famous Olympian Oscar “Blade Runner” Pistorious and another little girl Ellie who is just as amazing as Oscar.  The both of them have something in common which is amputation.  

I cannot imagine my life without the ability to freely walk wherever or whenever I want to. We should never take the ability to freely move around for granted people!!  Oscar and Ellie are truly an inspiration!!

Below is the link to the article.  It is worth clicking the link to see the pictures if nothing else. The old adage…………. “A picture can say a thousand words!!!”



  1. That article was amazingly inspiring! I am so bad at exercising now that Kaylee is here. You think I would be more motivated, but I hate leaving her :( I am gonna have to suck it up because I want to be alive and well for her as long as possible!

    1. Sometimes it really really does feel like there are not enough hours in a day to get everything done :( We need to put certain things first in order to have many tomorrows!!!!