Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Alayna 2 Months Old Today!!!!

Alayna hit the two month mark today!! I can hardly believe that I am typing this! Just to think our little miracle is already two months old it is mind blowing.  To be honest, if I could have 10 little Alayna’s I would in a heart beat.  She is just so amazing every single aspect of her.  From her sweet little cry to her adorable facial expressions when she sleeps. 

Alayna is growing growing growing and growing!!! There is something so special when you see your little baby growing in front of your eyes.  I tell her she isn’t allowed to get big and grow up.  But the reality is she will be growing up faster than I want her to.  Just looking at pictures of Alayna when she was first born to where she is now its hard to remember she was that small.  Alayna continues to plump up and now weighs over 10.5 pounds and has to be approaching 24 inches.  Every time I hold her she feels like this long string bean.  She is all torso and legs.  There have been times where Alayna will fully extend her legs against my chest and I have to extend my arms out. Soon Alayna will not be able to push off of me without her running out of room on my arm.  So that puts her length into perspective for you all.    

Alayna is developing this crazy sense of strength.  From her pushing her legs against me to holding her head up off of my shoulder.  In Alayna’s first couple weeks of life, she would put her head on my shoulder or on my chest and just keep it there without a flinch.  Now, she is to the point where she will hold her head up and look around.  I guess your neck is getting stronger and stronger by the day baby girl.  She is also developing this intense sense of grasping on to things ESPECIALLY, long hair.  Sorry Maria and to every other female who visits Alayna.  If Alayna sees your long hair watch out she will grasp it and hang on for dear life.  I am just glad I do not have to worry about that : )

This past weekend, Alayna has started to communicate. Her communication format is in the form of baby babble, smiles, and putting her arms out.   When I was changing her diaper I started talking to her like I always do.  Most of the time its about how daddy and mommy love her or some random made up song that I sing.  Yes I make up songs and they never are the same ones at all.  But anyway I was talking to her or singing to her and all of a sudden she looked at me and started babbling and smiling.  I yelled for Maria to get the video camera as Alayna continued to be responsive to me for about a minute.  This was one of the best moments because one we had it captured on camera and two this was the first time she was ever responsive to anyone.  She melted my heart just by doing random baby talk and smiling at me. 

Alayna loves loves this play mat that we received at our baby shower.  It is used for tummy time and for her to be on her back and swat at the toys that hang.  The mat also has this little piano at the bottom and when her feet get to kicking the piano plays random music. I love it when she gets excited and has her arms and legs moving and kicking and this toy brings her so much excitement.  She does the cutest thing when she sees herself in the mirror as one of the toys on the mat has a mirror.  She will stare at the mirror and start to babble.  I LOVE IT!!!

Maria and I continue to marvel at how amazing Alayna is!!!  Not a day goes by that we do not talk about something she has done or how big she is etc.  So another month in the books for Alayna and another month in the books for the new parents.  It is going so fast and I wish sometimes we could actually slow the time down.  I will leave everyone with some pictures of Alayna in her most recent photo shoot courtesy of my sister in law.  Thanks again Angel for taking these pictures they always look great!!!

                                                She has her 2 month sticker on!

I love this photo of her. She is so happy!!!

By the Christmas tree.........I cannot believe Maria had a baby 2 months ago.
You would never tell she even had a baby! She looks fabulous!!!!

Alayna loves to be in her diaper!!!


  1. Awesome John! She is growing "like a weed" as they say! I like the Christmas pic! Very nice! Glad everything is going so good! What a beautiful family!

    1. Hey Jeremy! She sure is growing its unimaginable. Just wait till your two little miracles are here with you and Monica. They grow SO fast!!!