Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where were you on this day 11 years ago???

Can you remember where you were on this day 11 years ago?
I really do enjoy hearing everyone’s story as to where they were during this horrific day. Just to see that this day impacted so many people’s lives.

 As far as if I can remember this day 11 years ago, I know I can!  I will never forget this day as I assume most of you will never forget it either.  It was a beautiful crisp morning and my dad and I were off to the hospital. Yes, to the hospital for some medical testing for me.  I believe I was having an ultrasound performed to see why I was having stomach pain.  I think they were focusing in on my gal bladder looking for gal stones.  They never did find anything wrong through this test so it was just chalked up to random stomach pain.  In February 2010, I in fact did have my gal bladder removed and have never had stomach pain again. But that is another story.

As my dad and I were coming home from the hospital we had no idea what was occurring in New York and soon to be the Pentagon and a field in PA .  We entered the house to find my mom watching the TV in the kitchen as she usually did every morning before we would head off to school.  I can remember my mom’s face as she turned around to greet us and she had tears on her face.  I assumed there was a sad story playing on the news or something.  So both my dad and I went over to the TV to see what was causing my mom to cry and we could not believe what we saw.  The news kept replaying the video of the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center. They reported that it looked like a plane was purposely crashed into the building!!!! What really?? Who in the right mind would ever do this?!?!

I headed off to school that morning feeling stunned after what I witnessed on TV. I thought it was going to just be an ordinary day in my sophomore year in high school.  When I arrived in the classroom no one had a clue what was going on. I told everyone we need to turn on the TV to see the news.  As the teacher went to turn on the TV there was an announcement over the PA system informing everyone what was taking place. For the rest of that day everyone watched the TV in disbelief.

As far as if this impacted my immediately family the answer to that is no.  We did not have any relatives in NYC, Pentagon, or on any airplanes that day. Thank God! But this day did impact Maria’s family.  Her uncle well now my uncle was working in the Pentagon during this day. Talk about a very stressful time for her family!! The plane that hit the Pentagon actually hit the side of the building where his office was located.  Before the plane hit the Pentagon, he was called to a meeting. THANK GOD!!!! This meeting was his guardian angel in disguise no doubt about that.  

I would just like to express my condolences to anyone that lost a loved one in this horrific tragedy.  There are many sad stories when it comes to talking about this day but we will never forget what happened.  I will be sure to tell Alayna the importance of this day.  As for all the brave individuals (anyone who serves this country in the military,  police, fire, ems, etc)  who risk their lives everyday for our freedom you are truly heroes and THANK YOU!!!

So take a moment to tell your spouse, children, and family members that you love them and give them an extra hug or kiss or whatever it is that you do!!

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