Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fertility & Hello to My Niece!!!

I would like to thank my wife for taking sometime out of her day to post about her own experience going through our pregnancy journey.  If you read her post you can see how stressful this process actually is especially for the soon to be mom.  For a female this process is so extremely stressful more so than for a male.  In my case, all I really had to do was go to a room take care of some business and I was out of the equation. I know TMI but the male in this process is not impacted much at all.  But for me it was stressful as well.  We both went through this process TOGETHER but it is different for a female.  The worrying will never stop for any woman going through IVF or family going through fertility hardships.  You are so invested emotionally and physically through this whole process and its easy to see how someone will worry to no end.  All I can say is Maria you are almost there!!! Through this process you have shown me that you are one of the strongest individuals I know.

This past weekend was pretty low key for us which was what we needed.  If there was any way to bank sleep I wish that we could because soon it will be different.  As far as what we did this weekend not much, but we did spend some quality time with our niece, Kendal.  She is so adorable which is an understatement!!! I could go on and on about her.  She is only 14 months but she seems older than that.  She acts so mature already for her age and it really is something to see.

I will give you an example of how smart this little girl is.  Maria’s sister and her husband live on the same street as us. (NO, we do not live in a hicktown, haha) On her walks she will walk to our house with her dad and she will walk right up our driveway.  When she goes home she knows where her house is as well.  She walks right up the driveway.  Mind you Kendal is only a little over 1 year old. 

She also knows everyone’s shoes.  At the front door there will be a bunch of shoes and she will pick up the correct pair and give them to each person they belong to!! Such a smart little girl already.  I can tell she is going to be one quick little learner.

I love to see her smile and laugh it is so incredibly cute.  Her Uncle John knows how to get her to smile and that is a powdered doughnut.  When she is sad or screaming her head off that is one thing that will make her frown turn upside down.  All I can say is she loves her powdered doughnuts!!

I will leave you with one last thing about our niece and I love this about her.  She is still in the babbling stage but she can say names and a few other words.  Her first two words were of course Mom and Dad.  Her third word anyone guessing yet was JOHN.  Thats right she knows who her favorite people are and I am so proud I was the third word she could say.  She is also able to say MeMe which is what Maria's nickname is. 

As you can see I LOVE this girl like she was my own daughter.  I cannot wait for our little Alayna to arrive and meet Kendal.  Since we live so close to Kendal, Alayna will have a best friend before she even knows it!!! 

Kendal you are STAR! 

Uncle John & Kendal at Build a Bear

Powdered Doughnut Time & Pointing at Uncle John

Maria and Kendal She knows where the baby is!!! 

Only a few months old Kendal with Aunt MeMe!


  1. What a sweetheart!! She is so adorable! :) I'm glad that you will have a niece so close in age to your daughter. It will be wonderful! :)

    1. Thanks Megan, she is a lot of fun!! Yes, it will be great to watch Alayna and Kendal grow up together. Thanks for being an avid reader of my blog Megan!