Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Alayna

Our journey to create our family was like a suspenseful movie or novel and on this day it ended with the best ending we could have ever asked for. On this day a year ago, at 5:45 pm our life was forever changed.  We were no longer just John & Maria or husband & wife. We became a family of three and would forever be known as Dad & Mom! 

Honestly, I cannot even believe that it has been a year since you were born Alayna.  I will never forget what it was like to meet you for the first time.  I was only able to see you for less than a full minute in the operating room as mommy was completely knocked out for the c-section.  But those first few seconds that I got to lay eyes on you I knew right then and there that life would forever be complete with you in our life.  Before you were born I didn’t’ think I could love another person more than your mom but I found out you can love two people on this planet just as much! 

When you were finally all cleaned up the nurses brought you to me and I can remember the first thing out of the nurses mouth.  She said “Congratulations!! Your daughter is gorgeous! She could be a baby model.” Well I was speechless………I couldn’t even say a word as I was just full of emotion.  You kept smiling back and forth at me and your eyes were wide open the entire time.  In fact, till this day you hardly even blink. 

It was close to midnight when you finally met mommy for the first time.  After all mommy went through to get to this point where you two finally met really completed our journey.  The two of you couldn’t keep your eyes off each other.  I could see the love the instant you were in her arms.  There just is something really magical about a mommy meeting their child for the first time.  I can tell you this Alayna, you have an AMAZING mom.  One day when you read this I know you will echo the same sentiments! 

Well keeping with the trend from all the month updates here is what you have been up to this last month.  In fact, this month you learned something faster than daddy did and probably even mommy.  October 2nd, you took your first ever steps!!  It took daddy till he was 16 months to walk his ever first steps. I guess you are way more advanced than daddy!!   

You would go two steps and either grad onto something or just completely fall on your butt.  As you started to understand this walking concept those two steps turned into 3 then 4 and then walking around the room.  You were so proud and full of smiles that you mastered this walking concept completely on your own.  I even tried weeks before to hold your hands and walk with you. But you decided you didn’t want a single thing to do with that.  

Alayna, you were born into a family that loves music.  I think to even be in our family it is a prerequisite.  Well the one night we turned the music on the tv and you were loving every second of it.  We kept flipping the music station to different channels and you would just walk around with a smile.  All of a sudden we turned on some love song channel and you started to feel the music.  You started dancing and luckily daddy had his phone and took a video.  I guess you got those AWESOME moves from me, daddy.  Well we all know that your mom didn’t marry me for my good looks!! Haha. 
In other developments, you are now eating more of what mommy and daddy eat.  Well I should say a few things.  Mainly you love wheat bread ripped up in little pieces. You like green beans that are chopped up really tiny. Grilled cheese or toast and cheese as your mommy calls it has been added to your menu.  In fact you can eat an entire grilled cheese yourself.  Rice in chicken noodle soup is also something you like.  I think you get that one from your mommy because she loves that.  

A few days ago you went to Boo at the Zoo with mommy, daddy, Aunt Angel, Uncle Andrew, and your cousin Kendal.  You had a great time dressing up as Minnie Mouse. Your cousin Kendal just loves you.  The two of you will be best friends forever.  You would reach out for Kendal and hold her hand.  I know the two of you will be creating all kinds of mischief one day. 

As we walked around the zoo we heard so many times how adorable and cute you looked.  I think that people really loved how interactive you are.  You smile at everyone and just love attention.  Mommy said you get that from me. I don’t know though!! 

I just still cannot believe our little miracle is celebrating her 1st birthday today.  If this is a sign of how fast things will be going in life you will be going to kindergarten,  16 and driving, and then off to college.  When I reread that sentence I think that is exactly how fast it will go.  But just remember Alayna you will always be our little girl!! 



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