Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Year Ago Today, Changed Our Life!

A year ago today, Maria and I had a special Doctor’s appointment.  I still remember everything about that day.  It was almost the beginning of our new chapter in life and the end to at least one journey.  I even remember how beautiful of a day it was on that October 16, 2012.  Maria and I jumped in the car full of excitement as we headed to what we hoped was our last OB appointment before we were going to meet our miracle.  We weren’t really sure if the doctor was going to say we will keep baby in there for a few more days as her due date was October 23, 2012.   In our minds we wanted this baby out ASAP.  Well I should say Maria would have loved to be induced that morning as she was suffering from the PUPPS.  Basically, Maria was allergic to the placenta.  It can happen but not very often. What I remember is it looked like poison ivy all over her belly that itched like no other.  In fact, the itch was extremely worse at night.  So just imagine being the most uncomfortable you can ever imagine with poison ivy all over your stomach.    I honestly, would have done anything for her so she could have at least slept.  I think she was trying to function on this day without sleeping for over 3 days basically.  I couldn’t imagine how exhausted she felt.  This was going to be the biggest challenge her body has ever went through and in order to be at your best you need sleep.  All I can say is that Maria is truly an amazing woman.

As we sat there in the waiting room we just hoped that the doctor was going to say today is the inducing day.  So we went into the exam room and Maria had her blood pressure taken and then they listened to the baby heartbeat.  It was one of the last times we were going to hear that with a monitor at least we hoped.  The doctor came in the room and said it looks like today is going to be the day you will be induced.  Talk about a big sigh of relief.  Maria wouldn’t have to suffer anymore itching and we were going to be meeting our miracle very soon!!

We were told to arrive at 4 pm that day and the induction process was going to begin.  I think we were so excited, nervous, and anxious at the same time.  We headed home to pack for our stay in the hospital. All the baby stuff was ready to go including the car seat.  I made sure to bring all my lovely CF stuff too.  When we packed the car it looked like I was going to be the patient and not Maria. 

Once we arrived at the hospital that was the last time we were just going to be John and Maria.  The next time we were going to leave this hospital we would be a FAMILY! A family of 3!!! WE were so excited to meet our little miracle.  T
hat day was the end to our CRAZY IVF ride.  It was only going to be hours away from us putting the finishing touch on that journey.  WE had the deck of cards stacked against us to begin with but never once was this family going to back down from our dream of a family.  As a friend pointed out to me the other day he called Maria and I the BULLdozers.  I guess that would pretty much sum us up.  If you put something in front of us we are going to plow right through it.  

Still a year later I can remember this day so vividly.  I will never forget how we felt about starting the next chapter in our life.  In less than 36 hours we would be meeting our miracle who changed the rest of life!!!


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Last picture before the hospital gown came on!!!

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