Sunday, March 17, 2013

Alayna 5 Months Old Today!

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! You are now 5 months old Alayna. WOW! I can hardly believe in another month you will be 6 months! Where has this time gone with you???? It really has been a great 5 months having you in our life baby girl.  You are so special and not a single day goes by that WE don’t consider how blessed we are to have you in our life.  Sometimes I look at you and wonder what WE did to be given this blessing.  

So that brings me to what you have accomplished this past month.  You have found out that you are getting more and more flexible.  This flexibility has lead you to discover that you have feet with toes.  Not only do you grab your feet, you are able to put your right foot in your little mouth of yours.  I know one day when you read this you will be embarrassed but I guess this is a normal thing to do.  In fact, you actually put your toes in your mouth and use this instead of your famous thumb.  But you are very funny because you only want your right foot.  I guess it’s easier for you to grab this foot?? Or maybe you will be a righty?? Honestly, I think you are going to be a righty since you prefer your right thumb and now right foot.  I guess time will tell though. 

Last month, we finally got you on your tummy! Yes, I know we were a little late on this but I think that is because you really hated to be on your tummy.  You would cry as soon as we flipped you on that belly of yours.  But this past month you have loved being on your belly. I guess you had a change of heart.  I have noticed that you were rolling to your side more and more.  I knew it would only be a matter of time before you were ready to roll from your back to your tummy.  On March 7, you decided that you would show us that you were ready to roll from your back to your tummy!  Your mommy and I left you on a blanket and stepped out of your room for less than 30 seconds and we came back to find you on your tummy with your head held high!!! Mommy and me were so excited we started calling grandmas and everyone to tell them you reached a big milestone by rolling over.  You have the biggest smile when you are on your tummy and it melts our hearts. 

While we are on the subject of smiling, there is one person who brings the biggest smile to your face Alayna.  That person is the one and only mommy!! As soon as your mommy looks at you you get the biggest smile on your face.  Bascially, from cheek to cheek your grin is so adorable.  You have one of the biggest personalities WE have ever seen in a baby.  But we are not the only ones who notice this.  A lot of people tell us you are full of expressions from the people at daddy’s work to family to friends.  I guess we are going to be in for a little socialite in you baby girl. 

I have mentioned this before but I am still continuing to bring you with me during treatment time and you seem to love this.  You will start to wave your hands and kick your feet when I put my vest on and it’s so cute.  I guess you are getting use to daddy being hooked up to this machine that makes me sound like darth vader echoing when I talk to you and tell you I love you.  I can say anything to you and you get the biggest smile on your face.  I LOVE IT!!  

Alayna, you are also starting to laugh more.  Your mommy can get you to laugh pretty easily but we have found you are ticklish now.  If we talk or blow on your neck near your ear you will start laughing and it’s ADORABLE.  Those little toes of yours are getting ticklish as well.  You will kick and laugh when we grab your little feet and start tickling them.  WE love to hear you laugh it really makes our day!

As for the things that you dislike. You really really hate when you miss your feeding time.  I guess you love your food.  WE all can tell you love to eat by looking at your big belly. I guess you could say you take after your daddy.  But the last time we were at the doctor for your 4 month checkup you were in the 90th percentile for weight, height, and head size.  So you are very proportional!!  You know weigh 16 lbs and 7 ounces and it seems like you will continue to be packing on those pounds.  

You also are really not a fan when you don't get your nap time or adequate sleep.  Again you must take after daddy.  Usually, you will wake up between 9 and 10 am everyday.  with a nap late in the morning and another nap before daddy comes home.  Your bed time is between 10 and 11 pm and if you are still awake you are not a big fan of this.  There are very few things that you dislike which is great.  You have been one of the happiest babies and WE are so blessed that you are not a crier at all.  

Next month you will be half a year old!! WE cannot wait to see how much more you advance in this coming month.  I think we will finally start adding some baby food to your diet here real soon.  Maybe a tooth or a few teeth will be cut this coming month.  I guess we will see really soon! 

WE LOVE YOU ALAYNA beyond words!!!

Picture time...........

First picture on her tummy when Alayna rolled over!!

Another one on tummy!! 

Alayna loves to smile at mommy on her tummy!

Who is that pretty face??

Yummy toes!!!

Alayna & Mommy!

What can WE say Alayna loves to be in ONLY her diaper :) 

Big Baby!!!

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

5 Months!!


Bashful Smile!


  1. It is so exciting that she can roll! Such a big first milestone. And is there anything better than a baby laugh?? I can't believe she is 5 months old already! Where has time gone??

    1. There is nothing like your own child IH!! I cannot put this into words about how I truly feel everyday I see Alayna :) I know right, where has the time gone??? It's crazy how fast things go.