Sunday, July 22, 2012

Baby Shower!!!!!

Today, was the baby shower. I guess if I had to summarize the party in one word it would be fabulous!!! It truly was a great way to celebrate the upcoming birth of our baby girl, Alayna. There was a lot of work put into this party to make it a very memorable experience. We could not be more thankful for both of our mothers, my Aunt Bev, cousin Meg, and sister in law Angel.  They really put above and beyond the effort to make this a wonderful occasion.  Thank you again for all your hardwork!!!

There were close to 40 people that attended the party! Tons and tons of food was made and deserts.  We had a family friend who made the best cupcakes I have ever seen.  They could be in a magazine :) You have such a talent Caroline!!

The games were pretty neat as well.  A lot of thought was put into these, thanks Aunt Bev.  They played the guess the waist measurement of the wife, drawing a face on a plate above your head (yea, I dunno how to explain this game but it was funny), a game where you had to match the candy to a saying for new baby girl (again i dunno how to explain this one either), and other thoughtful games.

On to the gifts, I thought it was never going to end!!! Maria and I unwrapped gifts for sometime.  We received a lot of great stuff that will be used in the coming months.  A car seat, high chair, pack n play, books, toys, dolls, and CLOTHES to name a few!!  Let me tell you I think Alayna is going to be one spoiled little girl :)

I think everyone really had a great time and we could not have asked for anyting better!!!!!!!!!

There were two people (myself and sister in law) taking photos and with the combined cameras we took close to 600 photos. Talk about crazy!!! Here are some of them.

These Cupcakes were awesome!!

One of my favorite!!!

The beautiful Maria!!!

The two of us!

I could post a bunch more but I will stop here. We have so many more photos its unbelievable :)


  1. What a lovely couple you two are!!! Looks like it was tons of fun and I love the cupcakes!!

  2. Inhaling Hope, thank you for the comment. The pregnant wife is the one that makes this a lovely couple hahaha! It really was a blast and something we will remember for a long time.

  3. Hi John! I wandered to your blog from Megan and IH's. You guys are cute together and wow, what a story! I'm so excited to hear about your little one. Congratulations! I have CF, though my husband and I haven't done/don't plan to do IVF. However, my mom actually had triplets through a very early case of IVF with PGD (12 years ago when they implanted A LOT more embryos!).

    1. Cindy, thanks for stopping by! Thank you for the well wishes. The IVF journey is truly a stressful journey full of emotions. It was really one of the toughest times that we had ever experienced in our lives. I'm so glad to hear that your mom had a successful IVF with PGD 12 years ago!!!! So you have three brothers and/or sisters :) I assume they do not have CF???
      Thanks for reading and I hope you stop back soon Cindy!

    2. Yep! Two girls and a boy. I am the oldest of 6 kids, and people are always so shocked to hear that I'm the only CFer in the family. Then I explain that while my two brothers are what my mom (lovingly) refers to as "Russian Roulette" babies, the triplets are genetically engineered! They don't have a CF gene at all (so are not carriers).

      Interesting tidbit... my OB/Gyn told me yesterday that in the African-American community, wehre sickle cell disease has the same prevalence as CF, people are very educated about it and it is actually common to ask people you date if they are carriers. In the Caucasian population, though, where CF is just as predominant, hardly anyone knows about it! I thought that was so interesting. (She began that conversation by telling me and my husband that once our kids grow up they should vet their dates to make sure they aren't carriers, since our kids obviously will be!)

    3. Wow 6 kids!! Your parents had their hands full especially with three little ones at once :) Thanks for sharing the story about your Dr. visit that is so interesting. It is really crazy to think that 10 million Americans are carriers of CF and many of them have no idea they are!!! Through your comment, I plan to write a post about knowing you are a carrier of CF and want to have children with a future spouse. It should be an interesting topic. I hope you will check back soon.

  4. You guys MAKE SUCH a cute couple! I love seeing the pictures! I truly couldn't be happier for the two of you! :)

    1. Thanks Megan! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks again for the well wishes and I hope you continue reading this blog :)