Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Alayna 19.5 Months

I guess this post is a little late for your 19 months of life Alayna.  It’s been a busy last 45 days or so since I last posted about you.  So here is the update of what is going on in your 19.5 months of life. 

For whatever reason we always find ourselves taking you to a doctor or emergency room way to often.  This time on mother’s day, yes mommy will never forget this one you took a dive on your face.  Well I should say you tripped over your Uncle Andrew at the ice cream stand after running around like a wild maniac.  It is very tough to keep you all bottled up when you are so full of energy.  You tripped and fell face first on the concrete.  The screaming and crying ensued for only a short time.  I think mommy and I both were panicked once we saw the blood coming from your nose and mouth. 

We hopped in the car and head to the ER to make sure all the bones in your face were still in tact.  Thankfully, the doctor said everything looked fine.  But we still wanted to make sure everything was fine with your nose.  We waited a day or so to take you to a plastic surgeon.  Yep, a plastic surgeon of all things.  I guess they send all kids to the pediatric plastic surgeon if there is any thought to a fracture of the nose.  So we had the plastic surgeon check your nose and everything looked fine to him.  Thank goodness!

But at the plastic surgeon we talked about our family medical history.  That included of course your miracle story of conception and birth.  For whatever reason we have this miracle story about your conception and I think we will be telling this story for years to come.  The doctor couldn’t even follow your story of miracleness! Hey looks like I made up a new word miracleness. He did say in deed you are a miracle Alayna.  In fact he was jokester and asked if we named you Mir as your first name and Acle as your middle name!!

In other news, you continue to seem like a big kid to us.  When we take you out in public, people cannot believe you are only a little over 19 months old.  I think we are all blown away by how tall you are especially coming from a father who is only 5ft 9 inches and a mother who is 4ft 11.5 inches!!

You have a personality that is like no other.  It seems as if you truly will be one outgoing person.  Wherever we go, you wave and shout out HI to anyone and everyone.  In fact, someone said the other day I thought I was special since she said HI to me.  Then you just kept saying HI to everyone. 

Not only do you love to be vocal and let your presence be known, you also continue to love to dance and sing.  We were at a restaurant the other day and mommy said shake your bootie.  There was no music but you decide to just start shaking.  The older man said just remember there will be one day that you will want her to NOT be shaking her bootie.  Uhm YES, if dad had any say in anything you will not date until you are 18.  But let’s be realistic I think you will be killing a lot of boys out there just by being you Alayna!

Maria, Kendal (Niece), John, and Alayna 

As for the singing, it’s actually pretty impressive.  I don’t know many toddlers who around the age of 19 months who can already sing so many songs without any help or music.  Right now, one of your favorite songs is the ABC’s.  Not only can you sing the entire alphabet, but you even sing “Now I know my ABC’s, next time won’t you sing with me!” We will clap and cheer you on at the end and you then start singing the ABC’s over and over again.  The song list now includes: ABC’s, Barney I Love You, Mr. Sun, Row Row Row Your Boat, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and a few others. 

You are doing much better with solids and liquid.  You still really do not care for any meat textures but you eat all the chicken, beef, and turkey in baby food.  We have discovered you really love Cheetos, pretzels, goldfish, ho hos, and chips.  Yes, that is a list of junk.  I think though one of your favorite things is to eat chip dip.  I mean you stick the Cheetos in the chip dip and lick off the dip.  In fact, you picked up the plate of chip dip and started licking it!! I guess you like the good stuff. 

Alayna, all I can think of is how proud you make mommy and I both.  You have brought so much joy into our life these last 19.5 months.  It’s not easy being a parent but it is beyond rewarding.  We care so much about you!! I cannot wait to see what you will be doing when I say Alayna is 19.5 years old instead of 19.5 months.  You can guarantee I will be there to see that day.  Thanks for always giving me another reason to take care of myself and continue putting in all the effort I do every day I get out of bed for this family. 




  1. She is just beautiful! What a blessing. Thanks for sharing with us!