Monday, August 19, 2013

Alayna 10 Months

I cannot believe I am writing this today.  I feel like I just blogged about your 9 months yesterday.  Well it has been another month in the books for you Alayna.  August 17, was your 10 month birthday.  Houston we have a problem…………Our baby is growing up way way way way to fast.  I still cannot believe we are now entering into the double digit months!!! I know mommy and daddy both want to press the pause button but that will not happen. 

Ok, what has been going on in your life baby girl?  On August 3rd we finally moved into our new home to begin the next chapter in our life as a family.  I think you really love it here already Alayna.  Our neighbors already love you and you are now the center of attention here.  I truly think that this will be a great neighborhood to raise you in.  Everyone here is so friendly!!!

Just like last month you remain this little ball of energy.  You are a nonstop machine wanting to play with every toy.  But your attention span is about five seconds now so you want to play with one toy and then move on to the next one.  Daddy use to be able to read you a book but you will not sit still for more than the first page!

Most recently, you have begun pulling yourself up on everything and anything.  I mean even the walls. You will put your hands on the wall and pull yourself up to stand.   You will hold yourself up with only one hand as well.  It is adorable because you will turn to find us and show us how brave you are becoming. 

The other day you crawled over to one of the moving boxes and pulled yourself up.  You then decided you wanted to dive head first into the box! You were just fine but this goes to show everyone how active you really are.  I know when you start walking its going to be a nonstop show. 

I think you are about to start eating some food that mommy and daddy eat.  We have found that you love bread.  Even at the restaurant you knew that bread was on the table and started telling us you wanted to eat some too.  Then at the mall the other day we gave you a cinnamon and sugar pretzel and you thought it was the best thing.  You just licked the cinnamon and sugar off and had half of it surrounding your mouth that you continued to lick off your face for a while after. 

Well I cannot believe in the next two months we will be celebrating your 1 year birthday!!!! But before that we still have two more months to see how much more you change and develop.  I know in the next few weeks you will be walking and our life will be a nonstop chasing lifestyle.  You are getting more teeth as we speak so I know that means you will be able to eat more of what mommy and daddy eat.  As much as mommy and daddy do not want you to grow up, we cannot wait to see you develop over these next two months. 

WE LOVE YOU Alayna!!

In these pictures you can all tell how ready Alayna is to walk.  She also wouldn't sit still for more than three seconds.



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