Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alayna 9 Months Old!

July 17th marked 9 months on this earth for you Alayna.  As I have said every month, where has the time gone? In 3 short months we will be celebrating your first birthday.  I still cannot wrap my head around that statement.

Your mom and I were looking at pictures of you when you were a few weeks old and you have changed so much in that time.  You were this little string bean as you were so thin and super long.  When we look at you know, your still super long but you have also packed on some pounds.  I think you are about half the size of mommy in length now.  So I think its safe to say that you will be taller than mommy but the jury is still out on that! But just remember she is still your mom no matter how tall you are.

This past month you finally learned to crawl.  At about 8.5 months you decided it was time to explore on all fours.  Honestly, now we cannot take our eye off you once we put you on the ground. There is one thing that I do not understand and that is how you love to crawl to things you shouldn't get into or next to.  The other day you decided you were going to crawl all over your bedroom.  You crawled to your bedroom trash can and decided to knock it over on the ground.  I could not get mad because you had the biggest smile on your face once you got to the trash can.  I said to you......."Alayna, what do you think you're doing?" You looked back with a smile and tipped the trash over. I was glad there was nothing that awful in the trash can for daddy to clean up.

It seems to be a trend with you that you crawl right in front of your dresser or the crib or the floor vent because you know WE get nervous of you getting hurt.  You will crawl to these mentioned places and decide you would like to sit up.  Once you sit up you love to just flop your entire body backwards which really makes mommy and daddy nervous.  I guess you have no fear.......yet. 

Well just speaking of how you love to flop backwards, you did just that the other week.  Mommy put you in your crib and you decided that you were going to be daring and pull yourself up and stand up while holding on to the crib.  Once you got yourself up, you decided that you should flop backwards and hit your head on the back of the crib.  So after that experience mommy and daddy dropped your crib to the lowest level.  If you keep growing this fast you will be in a big girl bed very soon!!!

Alayna, you continue to love eating baby food and I guess that shows in how big you have gotten.  But you also think that it is play time when you eat.  There have been numerous times WE have been feeding you and all of a sudden you decide to do what I call "raspberries".  You start spitting your food out all over me.  It is funny because you get this little grin when you do it.  One time, I was feeding you and you sneezed and the food shot straight out all over my face and clothes.  I didn't mind it because you had a big smile. It's just a memory between you and I!

This past month you learned to clap your hands. In fact, you LOVE to do this.  Sometimes all of a sudden WE will look at you and you just start clapping.  Not only do you love to clap but you will clap your hands when we ask you to clap. You started doing all this clapping when your Grandma Judy taught you the song patty cake. It is so adorable to see you clap through the song.  I guess we can say you are one smart baby.

In other developments, you top two teeth have finally broke in so that makes a set of 4 teeth in that little mouth of yours.  Now that you have these 4 teeth you think it is funny to try and bite our face which includes our nose and even our cheeks!! As for the vocabulary you still have not said "da" for daddy yet.  I know that day will be coming soon though.  You continue to grow out of clothes left and right.  You are now in 18 months which is pretty unreal if you ask me.  You are all legs Alayna!

Today, at your 9 month appointment you weighed 18 pounds and 13 ounces which is 50th percentile. As far as your length.......you are SUPER TALL 29 and 5/8 inches which is 97th percentile. You also have 5 teeth. Two on the bottom and three on the top.  Next month will mark 10 months.  Really??? You will be double digits!! I am sure you will be even bigger in 4 weeks from now. You are growing up way to fast in front of our eyes. 


  1. Hi, I just found your blog, congrats on your beautiful little miracle! You had mentioned in another blog post about a facebook group for people with 3849+10kbc & df508. Would you mind sharing the link? I searched but couldn't seem to find it. My name is Laura I have cf and am 29 with 2 copies of Df508, however my 7 year old daughter has cf with the 3849+10kbc & df508 combo of mutations. Thanks!

    1. Hi Laura!! Thanks for the comment about Alayna. I would love to add you to the group that's on Facebook. Send me an email. Jtodog23@yahoodotcom. Obviously it's not "dotcom". I'm doing this so I don't get a lot if spam it's really .com

      Or send me your link to your FB and I can add you that way. I would like to talk with you. Hope to hear from you soon!!