Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Alayna 7 Month's Old!

This is a little late Alayna. May 17 you hit the 7 month mark and where has time gone! But life has been very very busy this past week.  We still cannot believe you are another month closer to your first birthday.  You are growing up WAY TO FAST.

You are one long baby Alayna.  At your last checkup you were still in the 90th percentiles in height.  In fact every time we look at you we cannot believe how long you are.  We are still not sure where you got all this height from because mom and dad are not tall.

There is something you really are starting to love and that is BABY FOOD.  In fact, you know what a bib is and when daddy has it in his hand you get all excited because it is time to eat.  You love every single food that comes out of the jar.  I think your favorite now is bananas.  At first, we started to just feed you half the jar and save the rest for another feeding but now you will eat the entire jar. Sometimes you act like you have never eaten anything before. You are our little hungry machine.  

The best part of feeding you is your personality.  You get the biggest grin on your face and show those two little white teeth on the bottom.  Sometimes you will let me know when you want more because you get very vocal about asking for more food.  We still have yet to start you on a baby cup but soon we will introduce you to that. Who wants to eat food and not drink anything? 

We are still working on getting you to sit up by yourself on the floor without mommy or daddy behind you.  The problem is you like to put everything in your mouth and you lose your balance easily.  Soon, you will be sitting up we know it. But you love to roll around from your tummy to your back and you repeat it.  In fact, you will even roll across the floor like that with the biggest smile on your face.  As far as you moving, you love to not sit still at all and you will tell us if you are bored.  You will grab anything and everything in your sight and put it straight to your mouth because eventually you will get more than just those two teeth on the bottom.

Alayna, you did reach a big milestone this month and that is you said your first word.  Mommy was telling me that you said mum but I didn’t hear it so I thought she was playing a joke on me. I read you one of your favorite books called “Where is Mommy?” and half way through the book you said mum.  In fact you repeated it another time. So I admit your first word is mum and not dada!! I am so glad that your first word is mum as your mommy is beyond your favorite person.  Now, when you get sad or mad you will scream out mum and it is so adorable.  I guess I wouldn’t want it any other way when it comes to your first word. 

As I write this post Alayna, you are sitting with your daddy watching me do my evening airway treatment.  You seem to have understood why I put you in your chair and you sit and look at daddy for a good 20 minutes now.  It is funny because I think you have picked up on something that daddy does when he is doing his treatment and that is coughing.  I cough at least every 5 minutes when I am vesting and you get this look on your face like daddy are you ok? I give you a big smile and you will smile back letting you know I am just fine. But you now will cough randomly during the day and get a big smile on your face! I guess you picked up on something daddy coughs and then he smiles so you do the same thing now. 

Well things you dislike that is pretty hard to find very many because you are such a happy baby.  Right now you have your moments to let us know when you are not happy. You like to play with toys now so you will let us know when you get bored.  So we take you out of your chair or go play in your room. Your favorite toy is your lady bug that has blocks on it! You will get fussy if we do not feed you fast enough as well.  I am coming to a blank right now and that is all I can think of on the things you dislike.

I cannot believe next month you will be 8 months old! I bet you will be crawling soon and that means it will be non stop movement for you Alayna.  As always mommy and daddy love you!

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