Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Alayna 6 Months Old Today!

Today is a special day for you Alayna and for mommy and daddy! You are 6 months today! WOW, a half a year is in the books for you! I honestly cannot believe it has been 6 months since you have taken your first breath on this planet.  Where has the time gone?  Alayna, you have already enriched our life for the better every single day and we are so overjoyed to have you in our life.  One day, you will understand how precious of a child you truly are to us.

This past month you celebrated your first Easter.  In fact, you also dyed eggs with mommy and daddy for the first time.  You had no idea what was going on but you were diligently watching your cousin Kendal dye the eggs.  The Easter bunny did stop by your house and left you a basket full of baby teething toys, books, and clothes.  Your basket even has your name on it!!  Talk about a spoiled kid you already are.

You have accomplished a few milestones this month. In fact, you are growing up faster than I could have ever imagined.  Alayna, you know have two little teeth on the bottom and you let us all know you were cutting teeth.  We were shown that you can be a fussy baby but this is not a common thing for you.   You kept shoving everything and anything in your mouth to ease your pain.  I think you were going to draw blood on your thumb or toes because it seemed like that is all you wanted to do was suck your thumb or toes.  You never did get a fever though which was surprising but all you wanted to do was sleep, eat, and suck your toes and thumb.  Since you now have these two little teeth, your smile is always showing these little pearly whites.  It is beyond adorable.  Mommy and I both love your smile.  We have been told that your smile is your daddy’s.  You even have dimples just like me! In fact, people say you are daddy’s twin.  I hope that does change in the future though : )

Well know since you have these two teeth, we figured it was about time to introduce another food besides breast milk.  We have noticed you were getting fussier and fussier in these past few days and mommy and daddy thought maybe you were wanting more food.  It turns out you really were telling us you were ready to eat some food.  On April 12, we fed you for the first time with a spoon!  You had rice cereal for the first time that day.  You loved eating from the spoon and of course had no problem with swallowing the food.  Every time mommy would get the spoon full of rice cereal she would say “ here comes the airplane” you would get the biggest smile on your face.  In fact, once the spoon left your mouth you would take that right thumb of yours and put it straight into your mouth.  You had the cereal all over your face and all over your hand.  Alayna, you did not even care that it was everywhere either.  You just had a big smile on your face like you were asking for more cereal. 

On April 14, we decided to try actual baby food with you.  We got the jar of peas out and that first bite we knew you loved it.  You had a big smile on your face and held your arms out as to ask for more!  It seems that you prefer the baby food over the rice cereal because you ate the peas in no time.  Again, you did the same thing with your thumb.  As soon as the spoon was out of your mouth your thumb was right in your mouth.  You had another big smile with peas covering your mouth. ADORABLE!

Alayna, you seem to be getting bored just sitting in your chair or laying on your back on our bed or on the floor now.  We read that this would start happening in this time frame.  Sometimes, I will lay you down in your crib to get the diaper area prepared to change you and you will scoot yourself on your back to one side of the crib.  When the butterfly mobile is on your crib you will scoot to that side and try to grab the butterflies and pull them down.  Or you will roll from your back to your belly in the crib and just babble. 

You love to sit in this little rocker baby chair.  Just recently, you started to get bored in there and you decided that you can entertain yourself while sitting there.  One day mommy noticed you were rocking the chair all by yourself.  We both were shocked.  In fact you rock the chair like you are swinging on a swing.  You start to pump your legs and away you go with that big smile and happy voice.  Alayna, you already have one heck of a personality!

Speaking of personality, I will share a story about you that one day will embarrass you.  But it was really funny to witness this.  The other day we had you on our bed and mommy and daddy were talking and all of a sudden you pass gas! Mommy and I both looked at you as it was really loud and you turned your head to us with the biggest smile.  Your grin was from cheek to cheek.  I don’t know where you got that loud passing gas aspect from though!  I know one day when you read this you will be embarrassed but that is what a parent does, embarrass their child. 

There are a few things that you continue to dislike.  For one, you really seem to be developing a sense of boredom.  You will let us know if we are not paying attention to you enough by fussing or crying.  Then mommy or daddy will give you attention or pick you up.  If you are hungry you will let us and everyone else know how hungry and mad you are if you are not fed right away.  Also, when it is late at night, and you are passed out a sleep you hate it if we change your diaper.  You get this cry like it is the end of the world.  But for the most part you have very few dislikes right now in your life and WE hope that stays this way for a long time!

So with 6 months in the book we could not be happier in our life.  Mommy and daddy both could not imagine life without you EVER! There is just something about having you in our life that completes it. 


Rice Cereal!

After the spoon is out its thumb sucking time.....

Time for some sweet potatoes. 

Look at that big smile and two little front teeth!!! 



  1. She is precious! Happy 6 month birthday!!!

  2. Happy 6 month!! So many big changes. She is beyond precious and from the pics she looks tall (especially the one on your lap, she has such long legs)!! Love it!

    1. Thanks IH! Yes, Alayna is very long she is all legs and torso........We still do not know where she got that height from as Maria is almost 5 feet tall and I'm not very tall myself.

  3. Wow! I can't believe she is 6 months already!! She is adorable!! Happy 6 month birthday!!

    1. Thanks Megan! Yes, time is really really flying. We are not sure where the time is going. We are just trying to enjoy every second we can with little Alayna!